Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! I started writing a Thankful Thursday and a Five on Friday post this week, but just couldn't finish them. Lincoln's been on Spring Break all week, we're planning for a bridal shower on Saturday, and I have a test Monday on nine chapters. Things have been too hectic to finish any posts. 

With that being said, PLEASE be praying for my test Monday! I've been studying and preparing, but still feeling a little like I don't fully know the material.

Next week after my test I can start writing again. I have a few posts floating around in my head. A post about Jonah, Lincoln's upcoming birthday party, a precious zoo day, and a post on studying the Bible. God's been doing a lot in me lately, and I'm excited about that! 

Next week is April and that is beyond crazy. Lincoln's birthday month! Tuesday we have his dentist appointment so please be praying for that, too! 

What can I be praying for for you?

I hope you have an amazing weekend! 


  1. Will be praying for your test & the dentist appointment. Can't wait to read your posts next week (or whenever time allows you to write them) prayer requests: Robert heads out of the country tomorrow & I never like it when he's gone. Pray for safe travels/trip & safety at home. And please, please pray for my uncle rick who is battling another go around with very aggressive cancer.

    1. Thank you for the prayers! I will be praying for Robert and for your uncle! And also your peace for both situations!

  2. Praying for you and Lincoln! I would LOVE some extra prayers for my brother and family, they are really struggling right now with him and his rehab/long term stay issues. I appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. I can hardly believe it's already April! Now if only the weather would start acting like it :) Praying for your test + the dentist appointment!