Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Highest Sacrifice

I'm very intentional about teaching Lincoln about Jesus. I don't leave things out and I don't water things down. With that being said, He knows about Jesus death. He knows that 'bad guys' wanted to hurt Jesus and he knows that they killed Jesus. {Praise God he also knows that the grave couldn't hold our King!}

The other night we were talking about it and he was stuck on one thing. He asked me at least twenty times,

"Mommy, why did the bad guys take Jesus' clothes?"

When I think about Jesus death, the fact that people cast lots for his clothes seems really insignificant to me. But Lincoln was struggling with it the other night. My son has such a sweet heart and when I say it bothered him that they would do such a thing to Jesus, it really bothered him.

When Lincoln fell asleep that night I got to thinking.. Why have I never been broken hearted over what they did to my Jesus?

Jesus didn't die in His sleep for me. He didn't die a quick and painless death. He was brutally murdered. He was tortured for hours. He was made fun of. He was humiliated. 

Can I tell you if someone did even half of the things they did to Jesus to my Lincoln, I'd make sure they went to prison for life or got the death penalty. That's not a threat, but I'm saying that I would be outraged if they hurt the boy I love most on the planet. It would {obviously} offend me. I mean, really.. once two boys pushed Lincoln up against a wall at Chik-Fil-A and I politely pulled their hands off my son and told them not to touch him again. I was livid about it, and yet people did incredibly worse things to Jesus.

Then why has it never truly bothered me that they brutally murdered The Man I love most? Yes, I've thought about it and yes, I've obviously never thought it was a good thing. But until a few nights ago, when my precious boy got upset over Jesus' clothes, I have never been broken-hearted over what they did to my Savior.

We need a fresh view of Jesus. We need to see that He really did give His all. It was the highest price He could have paid. I truly feel if we thought about the sacrifice He gave, we'd live our lives differently. Somewhere in my head I always knew it was a big deal, but thanks to Linc man, now I feel it in my heart.


  1. I love Jesus. I'm in awe of what He did for me and what He went through. Yet sometimes, I think I almost forget that what I read in Scriptures happened in reality, if that makes any sense at all. And what my Lord went through is more horrific than I can even imagine. And not just the physical torture He went through, but the weight of the sin He held on His shoulders....the unthinkable, horritble, disgusting sin that He took upon Himself. The reality is even worse than the physical torture He suffered. And sometimes I forget the weight of that. I was able to watch Son of God this past Thursday and it was a great reminder of the human-ness of Christ and what He suffered for me.

    1. That does make sense! It's almost as if we've heard it so much we forget that it's not just some story, but His reality {and ours!}. I like that you mentioned the weight of the sin! So true! I'm hoping to go see Son of God soon!!