Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I get overwhelmed more times than I'd like to admit. Between Jesus, school, being the single mom of a two year old, and doing it all financially by myself.. I have a lot of moments where I am overwhelmed.

But lately, I've been overwhelmed in a different way. In the sweetest way.

Jesus loves me. 

Does that overwhelm you? Does that thought bring you to tears? Because lately for me, it has brought me to tears multiple times.

To think that a God so holy, a God so blameless, so perfect and so righteous, looks at me and calls me 'Daughter'. Wow. 

I woke up Monday morning completely at peace, which isn't usual for me on test days. I woke up being held in the Savior's arms and it was so sweet. I woke up knowing people were bringing me before The Father; they were lifting me up. And all I could do was thank God for this life. It's not perfect, but friends, it is blessed by God, and perfect doesn't come close to knowing God is watching over your life. 

Then Monday night I went to church at a friends' church and felt that overwhelming love again. I was driving home and thought back over my life. I thought about how God blessed me with parents who loved me enough to have me in church and teach me about God. I thought back on my pregnancy at 17, and I remembered one of my worst nights where God held me. God didn't see me as flawed that night. That night He held and passionately loved a pregnant teenager. I thought back on the birth of my son, my beautiful, precious, God-ordained son. He was there with us in the hospital. He loved on an 18 year old mom. I thought back on finishing high school with a newborn, and I see God's hand all over that, too. I thought about the way He has so perfectly planned for me to have income since then. I thought about my acceptance to nursing school and all the moments since then and I know through all of that God has loved me fiercely. 

He held me through everything. He holds me in moments where I'm far from Him and He holds me in moments where I'm seeking Him. God is so good friends. God is so loving. He is just and He is gracious. He is wonderful and He is perfect. God is the epitome of love. God is beautiful. 

It's such a beautiful thing to be overwhelmed.