Friday, January 24, 2014

The Little Things

For those of you who don't know, Lincoln sleeps in my room. He has a room, he has a {really cool} bed but he doesn't sleep in it. {Please save the judgement, I've heard all the reasons he shouldn't sleep with me.} So a couple days ago I went and bought those glow in the dark stars for my room. I know, I know.. you're jealous that your room doesn't look half adult and half toddler. Anyways.. The glow in the dark stars have to be 'charged' so to speak. You have to turn on a light for a minute and then they'll work. The problem is, they stop glowing fairly quickly. 

So tonight Lincoln noticed that the stars weren't lit up and I told him we needed to say our prayers. He looked at me and said, "Maybe we should ask God to help turn on our stars again." 

My child is two. And tonight I learned he's wise beyond his years.

It took Linc one night to learn what has been taking me years and years. 

God cares about the little things. 

I think sometimes we feel inferior to God, so we believe that we can't pray for the little things in our life that are messed up. Things that we so desperately want, things that need to be fixed in our lives. We feel like Almighty God couldn't possibly care about these seemingly small, meaningless things in our lives. We don't mind asking Him for the big, but we feel like we're bothering Him with the small. The truth is, He cares. He cares about your little things because you care about your little things. He cares because He is crazy about you.

What is your little thing? Maybe your washer machine is broken. Maybe you're worried about a test. Maybe you don't know how to pay your next bill. Maybe your past is haunting you. Maybe your heart is broken. Maybe you stubbed your toe. Maybe you have a cold. Maybe you're worried about your child's heart. Maybe you so desperately want to be a mom/dad. Maybe you want to be a wife. Maybe someone hurt your feelings.

Lincoln's little thing was some glow in the dark stars. His desire was that those stars glow again. {Psalm 37:4} I don't know your 'little thing', but I know my big God. I know He loves you, and I know He cares about you and what you think is too small for Him to handle. Give it to Him. Ask Him for it. Ask Him to help. 

We don't have to feel like we're bothering God. God gave His Son, Jesus, for the very purpose of bridging the gap to Him. We can present our big and our little requests because of the beautifully shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

The powerful, Almighty God is so big that He can handle your 'so little'. And He wants to.

God is big enough to take care of your smallest needs.


  1. This was beautiful and so timely for me! Thank you friend! :) :)

  2. When I was a single mom, my daughter slept with me :) No judgments here!

    It is so powerful the way you are always learning from your child. I am always learning from mine also. We should be more like children :)

    1. I never realized how many times God teaches me about his love through my love for Lincoln. It's so powerful!