Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So here's the thing..

I do {almost} all of my blogging at night while Lincoln's asleep. I feel like blogging is a hobby and doesn't warrant me taking time away from Linc to do. Jesus time, school work, and things are the house are mandatory. They have to get done, so I often let Lincoln play by himself while I do those things. Blogging however, because it's not a necessity, I choose to do it while he sleeps.

But lately, with starting back to school and work, I've been too busy to blog at night. I actually write {almost} all of my blogs at night and then I post them in the morning {except this one}. This is exactly why I haven't been blogging much lately.

So tonight I'm working on a few blogs which means for the next week I'll actually be posting things. Keep checking back for my story about sponsorship, Thankful Thursday, Five on Friday, hilarious things my toddler says, and more!

I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday! Please be praying for me this week as I am getting ready for my first test on Monday! I'm praying that God will bless all my efforts studying!

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