Friday, January 17, 2014

Ice Cream Soup

About five or six years ago, I begged pleaded bribed annoyed asked my mom nicely for an ice cream maker for Christmas. And this is the thing.. In our house, if you ask for a present, you usually get it. So of course Christmas came around and I got that ice cream maker that I really wanted. And let me tell you.. I used that ice cream maker once, and only once. {Please, don't comment and tell me how awful I am.}

For all you people deep in snow, I live in Florida. We haven't seen snow since 89 {I wasn't born yet}, and in my opinion this winter has been the coldest I can remember. Now granted, I probably say that every year, but just roll with it. Because it's been so cold, Lincoln and I haven't been playing outside much because, being Florida people, the warmest pants we own are jeans.

Because of all the cold, I've been trying to think of creative things to do inside with Lincoln. This is when I came up with my brilliant idea to make ice cream. Let me just tell you.. that boy LOVED it! He helped do it all, and then he watched it spin around for 30 minutes. But because the base thawed out before it finished making, the ice cream didn't thicken. So basically it became ice cream soup. I was kind of bummed {because I'm terrible at things like this} but I poured it into a container to freeze when I thought, Why don't we just eat it now? What's the difference really?

So I asked Linc if he wanted to eat it on the playroom floor. We sat down on a towel because I knew it would make a mess.

Before Lincoln ever ate any he said, "We're having an ice cream picnic!!!!"

A couple minutes later this conversation happened:
"Thank you." -Linc
"For what, baby?" -Me
"Thank you for doing this." -Linc

As if THAT wasn't enough to make me cry, he said this about three minutes later..

"Thank you for making me a picnic."

I was so bummed because it didn't thicken into ice cream but Lincoln saw the true meaning in the moment. He was thankful that we had done something fun together and that we were {kind of} getting to eat ice cream.

I'm so thankful for the moments that God slows me down and uses Lincoln to speak to me. These moments are ones I will never ever forget.

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