Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great day and have an amazing weekend ahead! I'm excited for the weekend with my sweet boy!

I started my new job last Saturday and it is going wonderfully! I am so so thankful for God providing so perfectly for the two of us. He is so good. Lincoln started back to school on Wednesday and was SO excited. I start school on Tuesday! Please be praying for us as we get incredibly busy this semester!

My sister was in a car wreck going to work on Thursday morning. A man fell asleep driving and ran a ran light and totaled her car. She is a little sore but that is all. I'm so thankful that she {And he!} were okay, and Kays said that he was very apologetic which I truly do appreciate. What a great God we have to protect my sister and Lincoln's Momo!

My child is getting so funny! Everything out of his mouth makes me laugh.. especially before bedtime! A few nights ago he was almost asleep when he popped up and said, "I'm not a teddy graham! You not eat me! I'm not a teddy graham!" Um, what?! He says crazy things like this all the time. I love to just sit and listen to him talk!


I read a blog that I fell in love with the other day. It's really encouraged me to tell Lincoln, "I love to watch you play blocks. I love to watch you play with your uncle. I love to watch you play nicely with your friends." If you're a parent I strongly encourage you to go read it, here!

I've always had Lincoln's birthday party here at our house, but in October we went to Cody's birthday party at Party & Play and Lincoln LOVES it now so I've decided that is where his party will be this year. I asked him what kind of party he wants and he told me a "Captain Hook" {Jack and the Neverland Pirates} party. The next day I told him Jake was on TV and he runs into the room saying, "My party!!!!! Where's my party?!?!" I had to tell him it wasn't his birthday yet and boy did he cry. I'll be avoiding discussing party details with him as long as possible from now on! Poor kid!
That's it for my five this week! I hope you have an amazing weekend!


  1. Haha I love that he was so adamant about not being a Teddy Graham! That's absolutely hilarious :) And I'm glad that you're sister is okay, that's such a scary thing to go through! Your sister and the other man involved, of course :) Lots of prayers going out to them, sweet one!

    1. I wish I had it on video. He was passionate about not being a Teddy Graham! Haha. Thank you for the prayers, friend!