Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

How is it already Friday?! I feel like I was just writing last weeks Five on Friday post. I have a lot of blessings in this weeks five things!
Linc man and I are about to be SO busy! Instead of starting work the same week as I start school, I'm actually starting my first shift tomorrow! So tomorrow I start work, Wednesday Lincoln goes back to school, and then the following Monday I go back to school. I'm beyond thankful that God says that His grace is sufficient for us.. we're going to need it!
Potty training.. The two worst words in the English language. I need the master potty trainer to come to my house, stat! Your advice is welcome. Comment. Message me. Email me. I don't care. NOTHING WORKS.
My baby {Last night he insisted he's not a baby, he's a little boy} turns three in three months. THREE MONTHS PEOPLE! This hit me the other day and I don't like it one bit! He's even looking older.. Prepare for me to be an emotional wreck come April 19th! On the other hand, I think I know what I'm doing for his birthday and I am so very excited!
My iPad case came and it is glorious!! Hot pink and all! Yay for fun things in the mail! And the fact that I paid for it with a gift card from Christmas is pretty awesome too!
{The people at my job let me know that when I have downtime I can do whatever I want which means I'll have time to study for school. A job where I can make money and study for nursing school at the same time. What a blessing!!!!!!}
I got this book for Christmas and I'm currently about half way through it and it is absolutely amazing! I seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to be a godly parent and point their kids to Christ!

Also, this morning I found a link to get 9 Beth Moore e-books completely free! CLICK HERE if you'd like to get them!
That's it for my five this week! I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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