Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Lesson in Gratitude

First off before I start this post: A huge congratulations to my sweet friend Catie on her engagement last night!!! {I have no idea if she even reads this blog but oh well}. She will be a beautiful bride and I can't wait to see the things God does through her marriage! Now to today's post!

Every year in January I really start thinking about Lincoln's birthday {April 19th} and start planning out his party in my head. A few nights ago I started thinking about his birthday and his party. Usually we do something at the house, but this year I'm going to let him have his birthday at Party and Play because he loves it so much.

When I was doing some laundry I started thinking about where we'd have it and what theme we'd do. I moved something on my bed so I could put the laundry basket on the bed when I saw it..

The birthday card for Jose. Jose is mine and Lincoln's sponsored child and he was born April 19th, 2011 {the same as Linc}.

Jose with his mom.
Seeing his card made me feel like I'd just gotten punched. Jose lives in Honduras and is the son of a single mom who also has two other children. I take for granted the fact that Lincoln can have a party. And that Linc can have presents. And that Lincoln's birthday is so special to so many people. I have never taken even a second to worry or wonder where the money is going to come from to pay for Lincoln's birthday presents/party. And to think that {most likely} the only thing Jose will get for his birthday is our card we send him.. I'm spoiled. And ungrateful.
Living in The United States, I take so many things for granted. My son's health. Our finances. The privilege of going to school. The right to read and pray in public. To attend church. To worship my Savior freely.
I need to stop complaining, and start being grateful for the things that so many people don't get to experience. God is so good to have blessed us with so many freedoms and privileges. It's time to start being thankful for them.
Soon I am writing another post about Jose and our journey with sponsorship. Please be praying for Jose, his mom, and her other two children. Thank you!
Also, God has been laying a lot on my heart lately so I have quite a few blogs coming up on top of my scheduled posts! Be on the lookout for those! I hope you have an amazing Saturday! 

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