Monday, December 23, 2013

Thanksgiving - Part Two!

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I still have yet to write my Thanksgiving post and my birthday post.. So I'm going to try to get those done before Christmas.. maybe. Here goes the first one. This includes the proposal.

Our Thanksgiving tradition has always been to drive up to Douglas, Georgia and cut down our Christmas tree. Because of Matt's work, we had to go on Friday. This year my parents, Kays, Matt, Pearce, McKenzie, Lincoln, and I went. This was the first year we've ever had to take two cars. Pearce, McKenzie, Lincoln, and I rode in my car, and Kays, Matt, and my parents rode in their car.
We took this right before we picked up McKenzie. {That's the ring in his hand}
I guess I should mention this.. Pearce had a plan to propose to McKenzie at the tree farm. She had no idea at this point. We knew long before Thanksgiving so driving up there I was trying not to let on anything. It was hard, especially when we saw probably 7 jewelry billboards with a ring that looked almost JUST LIKE McKenzie's. 

Pearce had taken a sandollar and written on it, "Will You Marry Me?" When we got to the tree farm, we tried to keep McKenzie's attention while Pearce went and hung the sand dollar and the ring on a little tree. I kept my camera out taking random pictures so that when it happened I would have my camera already on. I ended up with a million pictures of Lincoln doing the same thing.
..Like this one.

If you look to the right, my sister is helping Pearce out.


Pearce asked McKenzie to come with him and stopped at the tree and said, "There's already an ornament on this one!" She was completely confused for a second, and shocked when she figured out what was going on.

This was the point that she realized that all of us were standing there.

Papa and Uncle Matt.

Matt cutting down his and Kaysley's tree.

Sweet boy!

These are the best we could do.
And then we took crazy pictures. And if I'm being honest, these might be the pictures I treasure most in the world. I am so beyond blessed.

You can tell I have a child because I know you never look away from the camera or stop smiling in the rare chance that your child decides to look and smile.
This was supposed to be our funny face picture.
I have never in my life met two people who don't know how to take a picture. This is only one of 7.
"Stop talking. Stop trying to kiss her. Just smile." -Kays
My sweet siblings.
Because what would a sibling picture be if it wasn't ridiculous??
This may be one of my favorite pictures from the day!
He wasn't having it.
Linc and Pearce on my back.
He is so weird. It's so great.
Last year the tree almost fell off and this year it literally started sliding off less than five minutes away from the farm.
It's a good thing we have men who offer to fix it.
Oh you know.. Just running across the road.
Linc and McKenzie.
I was somewhat obsessed with the clouds.
And the pretty view.
It was such a sweet day! Congratulations to Pearce and McKenzie! Their wedding will be May 26th, 2013! Kaysley and I will be bridesmaids, Matt and my dad will be groomsmen, and yes.. everyone's favorite little boy will be the ring bearer. I hope everyone is having a wonderful December.. I'm so sorry this was so late! Have an amazing Christmas!