Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving - Part One!

I was planning on making one long post for Thanksgiving, but when I saw how many pictures I had {around 115 total} I figured I would break it into two parts. Part one is going to be Lincoln's Thanksgiving production and the actual Thanksgiving day.

On Tuesday, Linc man had a program at his preschool. The four year olds were pilgrims I think, the 3 year olds were Indians, and the two year olds were turkeys. How cute!! The 2s just kind of stood there and looked cute, and occasionally sang. It was precious!! I was seriously so stinking proud of Lincoln for sitting up there, not crying, and behaving the whole time!

Linc is the one right in front of that chair.
Far left.
I have the cutest turkey ever!
Like I said. Cutest. Turkey. Ever!

On Thanksgiving day we usually go get our Christmas tree, but since my brother-in-law, Matt, was working we decided to do that the day after. So on Thanksgiving we didn't have much of an agenda. That morning the whole family was over {My parents, Kays & Matt, Pearce, McKenzie, Linc and me}. We had breakfast together and just hung out.

It's a shame his uncles don't love him.

He loved having both his uncles home.

Mom, stop taking pictures.

Stealing other peoples food is a talent of his.

Popping bubble wrap with Uncle Pearce. 
So excited about the bubble wrap.
Uncle Pearce is ridiculous.. and so much fun.

He's the best.

This is Ma-Tenzie, y'all.

Then Linc man helped Momma make the cheese dip. SO good. {Thanks, Cinn!}
After we made the dip, we headed outside in our pajamas, slippers, and goofy hats to jump on the trampoline and enjoy the cold. So much fun! For the record, if you've never gone outside to play in the cold while you look a mess, I recommend it. Sometimes it's really fun not to care about what your neighbors think. {Heaven knows as much as Linc and I go play outside in our pajamas, my neighbors probably don't think I actually own clothes.}

One of my very favorite pictures from the day!

You should own this trampoline. Seriously. Best money I've ever spent.

It's hard being this cool.
Having all his family in one house really wears him out.
We ended up playing Balderdash, so Linc got a treat to entertain him.
Laughing about who knows what.
That was about it for Thanksgiving day! It's such a shame that his family doesn't love him a bit! ;) Within the next few days I'll be bringing you part two of Thanksgiving {which includes the proposal!} and my birthday post. Have a great day!


  1. I love Linc's paper turkey hat for school!
    And his Christmas jammies!
    We may need one of those trampolines (as I hear Nolan jumping in his crib right now). :)

    1. Isn't the hat precious?! And that trampoline is the best! It's Linc's very favorite thing!