Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My First 5k!

Hi, friends! I have at least two Thanksgiving posts I need to put up but before we get to that, I have some excited stuff to share. Last Saturday {as in almost 2 weeks ago}, I ran in my first 5k! I decided to do the Run or Dye 5k. It went awesome, and I was the third girl to finish!

I had to wake up during the middle of the night.. Okay, that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I really dislike mornings.

Zooey totally gets me.
And because I dislike mornings, I laid out both mine and Linc's outfits the night before.
Crack of dawn I tell you.
Before the race.

Before the race.
With my very biggest fan.
When I walked over to Linc, he couldn't figure out who I was until I leaned down to him. His face lit up when he figured out it was me, and then he let me know that I was a mess.
Love this one!
Still trying to get the mess off of me.
I gave Linc my bag of color and let him throw it on me. He had a ball.
I especially love this picture.
Linc and Momo ran while they waited for me.
In the car going to Cracker Barrel. I was a mess.

Then we headed to Cracker Barrel and I apparently ate like I hadn't eaten in my entire life. Considering the fact that I don't usually eat my meal, my dad thought it was hysterical that I was eating so much food so quickly. It was a wonderful race and so much fun! I hope you're having an amazing Wednesday!

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