Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life Lately

So with all of the Christmas excitement and family being in town I didn't do my life lately post last week.. so this week I have two weeks worth of pictures to share! Most of these pictures are pictures of him playing with things he got for Christmas! It has been a busy two weeks!
Happy New Years Eve!!!!

Lincoln has been requesting to eat breakfast on the kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator lately.
Lincoln saying his bible verse for school. I am one proud Momma!
Linc had his Christmas party at school.
On Linc's last day of school before Christmas break he brought home these three things. So cute!
This night all I did once Linc went to bed was wrapped presents for my mom.

Then I had a bright idea to start putting together Lincoln's tool bench at 10:00 at night. I'm a genius, really.
Lincoln stealing candy off of his gingerbread house.
Linc man had a Christmas program at his school the Thursday before Christmas and it was the sweetest thing!
He's really been into holding my hand while he falls asleep lately. I'm not complaining.
Early morning walks with this cute boy are my favorite!
Chik-laif {as pronounced by Linc} is becoming his favorite place to go.
Sweet new shoes!
Pretty sure it was in the 80s this day, but he needed his hat and gloves on.
Lincoln got Just Dance - Disney as an early Christmas present. It's hysterical.

Cinnamon, Dentyne, McKenzie, Lincoln, and I went to two places for breakfast and neither were open so we headed to Chik-fil-a. I'm so thankful for precious friends!

Linc got a hat at Chik-laif and brought one home for Uncle Pearce, too!
Just hanging out watching a movie. This is totally normal.
Linc got Chutes and Ladders for Christmas and plays a lot better than I had expected. He's even asked to play a few times!
I bought seasons 1-3 of Duck Dynasty and every night after Linc goes to bed I've been having a marathon. I finished the first disc! Happy happy happy!
My Duck Dynasty DVDs came with this sweet bandana. I think my monogram makes me look extra tough.
Linc man was looking good for church Sunday!
He told his truck to smile, and then took a picture. So sweet!
I so love his sweet smile!
Linc got this easel for Christmas. This was his first time getting to paint on it. He loved it!
The weather was finally good enough to play outside for longer than 15 minutes. We stayed outside for an hour. It was such a pretty day!
Captain Lincoln invited me into his house. He said we were having a party and insisted we take a picture! I love his imagination and this age!
We ended a wonderful day with an hour long bubble bath.
That's it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and an amazing start to 2014!!!!

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