Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life Lately

I know I'm two days late this week.. but it's a miracle I'm only two days late. I have a lot to share this week.. Enjoy!

Lincoln helped me buy for our person for $5 gifts.
He told me goodnight around 5:30.. I think I can deal with that.
Our church is having a light show set to music but I let Linc get out. We ended up playing for about 45 minutes.
And we found a frog..
Whom we named Hoppy!
My son is a character.
Cookie cake is by far better than any other cake!
I was really confused for a minute there.
In honor of my birthday, Linc got two new pairs of shoes. I think on his birthday I should get two new pairs of shoes, too!

We got to go to Longhorn's for my birthday dinner, and Linc helped me eat my ice cream!
His newest thing is doing his head like this when I tell him to smile for the camera.
Precious boy! {I'm telling you, we are on that trampoline constantly.}
Cinnamon and I went to Sub30 at Celebration Church and it was absolutely amazing!
This boy seriously brings so much joy to my heart!
Lincoln rode his bike for the first time around the block! Proud Momma moment!!
That smile!
The sisterly love is evident.
Matt should be a photographer.
Disney wore us out.
That sweet and precious smile!
Kirkland's with my very favorite!
We got to spend some time with Lauren! Linc man just loves her!
Today we hung out downtown and had ice cream!
Then we headed to the beach:)
We had such a wonderful week! I hope you're having an incredible week!

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