Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life Lately

Hi, friends! I missed last weeks post on all the things we've been doing lately, and I'm a day late this week so you have lots of pictures to enjoy!

I was trying to read my Bible when Lincoln crawled right up in my lap. He won't be this little long so I'm thanking God for every minute I get to cuddle with him.

While Linc was at school, I went to Starbucks to study which prompted this blog post!

A whole playroom full of toys and he chooses this..

Linc got some new markers and toys for the bath since he's starting to enjoy baths more now. {Thank You, Jesus!}
My dad came through the door and the first thing he said was, "You two are dressed alike again." Well yes, yes we are.
We took out Christmas decorations and this boy is in love with this snowman. He can now sing Santa Claus is coming to town.

Lincoln and I went to Doing Dishes in Jacksonville with Cinnamon and Curry on Friday afternoon. If you're looking for a place to go paint pottery, this one is amazing! The people were so friendly and helpful, the prices weren't bad, and they were completely patient with our two year old boys.  

This is the best I could get with both of us.

Lincoln is extremely hot natured {the polar opposite of me}, and his hands were so hot when she painted them that the paint kept drying before she could put it down. It took the lady about 3 tries to finally get it.
Oh hey y'all, I have a new future sister-in-law! My brother proposed on Thanksgiving and of course I will be posting about that in the next week or so. But she read this post and then sent me this. I have the most encouraging friends in the world. What do you think about writing a book? When I told her about that being a possibility she said, "yesss! PLEASE DO IT! I would buy it and read it. Probably more than once." Good to know at least one person would buy it! I think God's plans are exciting!
When she sent this afterwards, I almost cried. To be compared to Joyce Meyer, that's incredible! I was so excited.
I ran my first 5k last Saturday morning! {Blog to come!}
It's one thing to be up early around the house.. It's another thing to be up early, have to drive 45 minutes away, and be ready to run. I texted some of the people I'm closest to on Saturday morning and said, "I think I've lost my sanity. My bed seems a lot better than running 3.1 miles in the middle of the night." I'm not a morning person. {These are fake smiles. We hated life at this point.}

Finally waking up a little bit. Linc decided he didn't want Papa touching me, but he also didn't want to smile for a picture.
All done! I was the 3rd girl to finish! Yay!

 Usually we have a fake tree in the front window, but somehow years ago I became the 'fluffer' {let's pretend that's a word} of the tree and also the separator of the branches which no longer have colored tags on them to say where they go. So this year we got a real tree and it's terrible. Somehow it's so messed up that no matter how you fix it, from at least one angle it looks like it's going to topple over. Way to go, Carrington!
Monday Linc had a Thanksgiving party at school.

Tuesday he had a Thanksgiving performance at school. The cutest little turkey I know!
He really loves his Momo.
My family is crazy.
My brother-in-law is hysterical.
And my mom can't sing.
Linc went with me to run errands and was such a big help! {Yes, we're matching again.}
Movie night with my very favorite person!

We got in the car {it was really cold this day} and Lincoln said, "I need a hat!" Linc's never worn a hat, so I was surprised. He got a hat that he picked out, and he is now obsessed with it.
The hat came with gloves. Our next stop was Publix and he insisted he needed to wear his hat and gloves inside. We really put on a show when we go shopping.
Our dysfunctional tree is so pretty.
On Thanksgiving day, we decided to play outside in the cold in our pajamas, hats, and slippers. Yes, both of us. And it was so much fun. 

Having all of your family in one place can really wear a kid out!
While waiting to get our hair cut we had a Frozen sing along in the car. You haven't lived until you've sung really off key with a two year old.
My brother ruined this picture.
Meet my new sister-in-law, McKenzie.
Or Ma-tenzie, as Lincoln pronounces it.
It's amazing so many good looking genes could be given to one family.
We've been jumping on the trampoline a lot lately. Lincoln loves to attack me.

My brother has good ideas.

I'm so thankful for our home.
After I posted my Thanksgiving/proposal pictures on my Facebook, Kaysley and McKenzie went a little crazy. This isn't even half of the notifications I got that day.


Present wrapping while Linc was at school.

Our finished plates! Yay!
So apparently we've had a very eventful past two weeks and the next two are going to be no different! Yay for family time and parties and birthdays and Disney! I hope you have an amazing Tuesday! 

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