Monday, December 16, 2013

Disney World!!!!

So my favorite place on the face of the planet is Disney World. By far. No comparisons.

In fact, I'm completely sure that my future husband is going to propose in the front of the castle. You may think I'm joking. I'm really not. {A girl can dream.}

So when my mom handed me the confirmation for our tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party a few months back, I cried. {Yes, I'm serious.} Should I be embarrassed about that? Because I'm not. Lincoln had never been and I hadn't planned on taking him this year, but my parents surprised me with tickets for my birthday. I was completely thrilled and I have been looking forward to this for months!

In fact, my whole family {including my new future sister-in-law} went! It was absolutely wonderful and Lincoln was incredible the whole time! Lincoln sticks to his bedtime schedule really well, and this is by far the latest he has ever been away from the house, much less awake. But can I brag for a second? My sweet boy stayed awake the entire time, and did not whine or complain even once. I was seriously SO proud of him!

Friday morning we headed off! {With our super cool Spiderman shoes!}

Our first stop was Chikfalaif {as Linc pronounces it}.
We were so excited!
My sweet angel!

We couldn't check in to the hotel so we headed to Downtown Disney. I think Matt put on every hat in the store. This one was especially funny. Anyone know who it is??

Papa and Geesh bought him a toy. Is anyone surprised?

Finally at the hotel.

He loved pulling his suitcase.

Playing with Uncle Matt.

Sisterly love.
We're so photogenic it's ridiculous.
Pearce and McKenzie both live in Lakeland and they met up with us at the hotel to head over to dinner at Fuddruckers. We all ate entirely too much and then Lincoln and I changed into our Disney shirts!

I so love this sweet kid! {And I was having an awesome hair day!}

This kid gives some good kisses!

Linc man fell asleep about five minutes before we pulled into the Disney parking lot and stayed asleep through the 3 mile walk to the tram {we parked the farthest away}, the tram ride, and about five minutes of the monorail ride.

Finally in the park!

Does anyone else think he looks SO old in this picture??
I got to wear a 'happy birthday pin' and Linc wore a 'first visit' pin. People talked to us all night!

Waiting for a ride.
For some reason we being the idiots that we are decided that we could fit five adults and one child in the tiny little teacup.. Matt could hardly shut the door and Lincoln started bawling his eyes out until Pearce got his long legs up on the seat so Linc had room. We seriously laughed the entire ride and then we could hardly get out at the end.


Pearce {brother} and McKenzie {soon to be sister-in-law).

Matt {brother-in-law} and Kaysley {sister}.

Waiting in line for the ducks. Linc was obviously thrilled to be taking another picture.

Yay! Linc loved this!

So sweet!

He has the best aunts!


We got an awesome seat for the parade! So many people stopped to talk to Linc, give him high fives, and blow him kisses.


Uncle Matt pretended like the ducks were going to bite his finger and Linc man thought it was hysterical.

My happy place!

By midnight he was so exhausted. After five minutes in the car he was passed out!
Disney World wore us out!
Disney World was a million times more incredible experiencing it with my baby boy! Thank you Mom and Dad for such a wonderful 21st birthday present! My day couldn't have been better!


  1. Disney with your little ones is the BEST! Looks like you guys had such a great time! We've never been to the Christmas Party, but it's on the list of things I want to do with my little ones!

    1. You were so right; it is the best experiencing it with your kids! At one point I got nervous that we wouldn't get to do everything we wanted, but we did! It was wonderful!