Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life Lately

So with all of the Christmas excitement and family being in town I didn't do my life lately post last week.. so this week I have two weeks worth of pictures to share! Most of these pictures are pictures of him playing with things he got for Christmas! It has been a busy two weeks!
Happy New Years Eve!!!!

Lincoln has been requesting to eat breakfast on the kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator lately.
Lincoln saying his bible verse for school. I am one proud Momma!
Linc had his Christmas party at school.
On Linc's last day of school before Christmas break he brought home these three things. So cute!
This night all I did once Linc went to bed was wrapped presents for my mom.

Then I had a bright idea to start putting together Lincoln's tool bench at 10:00 at night. I'm a genius, really.
Lincoln stealing candy off of his gingerbread house.
Linc man had a Christmas program at his school the Thursday before Christmas and it was the sweetest thing!
He's really been into holding my hand while he falls asleep lately. I'm not complaining.
Early morning walks with this cute boy are my favorite!
Chik-laif {as pronounced by Linc} is becoming his favorite place to go.
Sweet new shoes!
Pretty sure it was in the 80s this day, but he needed his hat and gloves on.
Lincoln got Just Dance - Disney as an early Christmas present. It's hysterical.

Cinnamon, Dentyne, McKenzie, Lincoln, and I went to two places for breakfast and neither were open so we headed to Chik-fil-a. I'm so thankful for precious friends!

Linc got a hat at Chik-laif and brought one home for Uncle Pearce, too!
Just hanging out watching a movie. This is totally normal.
Linc got Chutes and Ladders for Christmas and plays a lot better than I had expected. He's even asked to play a few times!
I bought seasons 1-3 of Duck Dynasty and every night after Linc goes to bed I've been having a marathon. I finished the first disc! Happy happy happy!
My Duck Dynasty DVDs came with this sweet bandana. I think my monogram makes me look extra tough.
Linc man was looking good for church Sunday!
He told his truck to smile, and then took a picture. So sweet!
I so love his sweet smile!
Linc got this easel for Christmas. This was his first time getting to paint on it. He loved it!
The weather was finally good enough to play outside for longer than 15 minutes. We stayed outside for an hour. It was such a pretty day!
Captain Lincoln invited me into his house. He said we were having a party and insisted we take a picture! I love his imagination and this age!
We ended a wonderful day with an hour long bubble bath.
That's it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and an amazing start to 2014!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas!

We had the most wonderful Christmas.. even better than I could have imagined. There is no word I can think to describe it other than magical. This was the first year that Lincoln really experienced all the excitement, and it was amazing. {There is not one single picture of me on Christmas because I took all the pictures. Sorry} This was my very favorite Christmas yet!

This was actually a few days before Christmas when I let Lincoln open one present. He got Just Dance - Disney and loved it! It's so much fun to watch him jump and dance around his playroom.
Christmas Eve service with my favorite boy.
Because it was only going to be Linc, me, and my parents at home on Christmas Eve, we picked up pizza after the service at church. I told Lincoln we could have a pizza picnic in the front room and he was SO excited! When we got home he ran in the house and shouted, "Pizza picnic!!!!" 


Papa and Geesh joined us once they got home.

My dad has a friend who dresses up as Santa on Christmas Eve and he asked if we wanted him to go through the yard this year so of course we said yes! When we heard jingle bells I asked Lincoln what that was and he ran to the front door. We walked outside and saw Santa Claus walk from one end of our yard to the other. He looked just as real as could be! Linc got really upset because he was leaving so I told him he couldn't come back with our toys until Lincoln went to sleep. He ran to hug everyone and then sprinted to my bedroom and jumped in bed. It was so funny. It took him a while to fall asleep because he was so so excited!
Santa came!

I love this picture.
I didn't get any pictures of him opening his stocking because we did that before everyone came over. I ended up videotaping a lot of the first part of Christmas morning. I will post some of those later!

This tool bench is one of Lincoln's favorite presents.

With Momo.

It came with a drill. He's in love.

He really enjoyed helping everyone open all of their presents.

Helping Uncle Pearce open his present.. with his awesome drill.

The men in this family love to put things on their head. They're strange.
Opening more presents. It's a shame he got nothing for Christmas.
Uncle Matt.

My sister got a laminator. I've never seen her so excited. #teacherproblems

He got a camera.. and LOVES taking pictures of me now.
Santa and Chippy "decorated" our family room with streamers and left Lincoln a note to go look outside for his last present. Lincoln ran outside and said.. "IT'S A PLAYGROUND!!!!!!"
I also learned something valuable about my child. You know those people who get angry when they're hungry.. my child is one of them. He's never had a meltdown when he's hungry, though, because he is always eating. He has never been so excited that he wouldn't eat until this Christmas. I offered him breakfast but he wouldn't eat it. We headed outside to see the play set around 10, and he had a HUGE meltdown. Too much excitement.. not enough food!

This was the beginning of it..

The aftermath.

Lincoln got a transformer play-doh set for Christmas and it is his VERY FAVORITE toy. I have never seen him play with anything as much as he plays with this.

He also really loves his cars and his rug to drive them on.

He also really loves these blocks!


I told him to smile.. that's close enough.

I so love that sweet smile!

Taking pictures.

We moved his trampoline {that used to be in the front of the house} to the backyard also.
Uncle Pearce ran around screaming "party!!!" so of course Lincoln did, too.

He's blessed to have such awesome uncles!

We also put a table and chairs back there. I'm seriously loving having all of that in the backyard! It's so nice to be able to hang out back there with Linc!
It was such an amazing Christmas! God has been so good to us this year! How was your Christmas??