Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi, friends! I'm going to change up my thankful Thursday posts for this month. A lot of people I know are posting on Facebook daily what they're thankful for and I wanted to do something like that, but not quite everyday. So I decided that every Thursday, on the days I normally do what I'm thankful for, I'm doing to do the things I've been thankful for that week, one a day.

Day 1: I'm thankful for Jesus. I know, that sounds cliche. But I'm serious. I'd be miserable without Jesus, I'd have no hope, and I'd spend eternity in hell, separated from the One who loves me the most. The fact that He loves me so very much blows me away, and I've been given so much more grace than I'll ever deserve.

Day 2: I'm thankful for my Lincoln. My life was forever changed, in the best way, with God's blessing of this little boy in my life. He is my light, joy, and the one who makes my days worth living. Being his mom is the best gift I could have ever given and I am so grateful for the privilege of having him for a son. Life wouldn't be the same without his smile and laughter, and the priceless hugs I get every day. God sure knew what He was doing when He sent Lincoln Fussell.

Day 3: I'm thankful for my family. I've been blessed. They've listened to me cry, laugh, go through an unexpected pregnancy. I'm blessed to have the son, parents, siblings, and brother-in-law I have. Our family of 7 is blessed, and I've been blessed to call them mine.

Day 4: I'm thankful for my home. There aren't words to describe this one. It's a blessing to live in a house, but especially this one. I'm so grateful that God would allow us to live here.

Day 5: I'm thankful for the Bible. There are days when I'm so down, I have no idea how to find joy. I find it in His promises, and that's a blessing in itself.

Day 6: I'm thankful for laughter. This is a big one. Laughter makes everything better. God meant it when he said that laughter is good medicine.

Day 7: I'm thankful for my life. I'm not supposed to be here. Most single moms have to have to work two or three jobs, and they never see their children. I'm blessed to be financially stable, go to college, send Lincoln to school, and spend a ton of time with him, also. I'm really blessed to be in my situation, and I don't take that lightly.

So that's it for my first week of November! What are you thankful for??

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