Friday, November 1, 2013

So. Much. Excitement!

IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can now officially stop pretending that I like October. Okay, I'm joking.. Kind of. Sure, the sporadic cold days {where I throw on scarves and boots like the world is ending} are cool, and Halloween festivities are all well and good, but truthfully, October to me is just a wait till we hit November.

I'm a crazy Christmas girl, and November just makes it all that much better. Between my mom, sister, and son, I have over ten presents bought and wrapped, and Lincoln's stocking is almost done. Soon we will have a real {because who doesn't love the smell of a real one} Christmas tree in our house, and red and green will be in every room. We will have lights, and presents, and fun crafts to do. We'll continue to talk about Jesus' birthday. We'll go to the Christmas tree farm, have fun with our $5 dollar tree shopping {blog to come about that}, and we'll have parties to go to. I'm telling you.. in the Fussell home, Christmas is a big deal, so obviously November is a big deal. I am SO excited. I've been waiting for this for 11 months, and it's finally here! 

I really have nothing important to say, I'm just so excited! And now maybe the weather will start to cool down.. Because these 70 and 80 degree days just aren't cutting it! I hope you have a wonderful November 1st, and an amazing Christmas season!

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