Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Visit with Santa!

A week ago, on Friday, my mom and I took Lincoln to the mall to see Santa. We took him during school hours so we were the only ones in line, and I just knew it would go wonderfully. Yeah right. As soon as Lincoln saw him, he wanted to get down. So we told Santa bye and left to get a pretzel. We had basically driven to Jacksonville to eat a pretzel..

I was going to let Lincoln ride on the train so we went to stand in line. After waiting about five minutes he decided he'd rather play in the kid area.

He looks SO old in this picture.
After playing for about 15 minutes we headed to Build-A-Bear. Lincoln's never been and since we had walked by three times, we decided to go make something. Linc decided to make Rudolph.
Picking out Rudolph's clothes.
He was SO excited to carry Rudolph around.
When we went the first time to see Santa, they said we could try to come back later and get a picture if we wanted. I asked Lincoln if he wanted to show Santa his Rudolph and he said yes.. So away to Santa we went {again!}. And this time was much better! He still wouldn't take a picture by himself, but we did get a few pictures!
It's not quite as scary if Momma holds me.

So proud of his Rudolph!
He LOVES Rudolph. So so much!
Then we headed to Hobby Lobby.. Aka, our favorite store!
And then we took the cutest picture in the world. My new favorite picture. I know, I know.. I say that once a week. But it's true!
I hope your children's visit with Santa goes well this year. Sometimes it takes Rudolph's red nose to help build up some courage! Happy Sunday, friends!

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