Monday, November 4, 2013

Life Lately

Good morning, friends! It's Monday, but you're alive and well and that's a reason to smile! Here's what we've been up to the past week. If you missed last weeks HUGE post, click here. Have you had a bad day? Or maybe you didn't get to see our look back. Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile. I've missed my blog friends! You can rest easy, this one isn't nearly as long as last weeks!

My parents, sister, and I took Lincoln to the zoo one night for Spooktacular. I'm blessed to have such an awesome family for Linc. It may look different, but it's filled with love. One of my favorite things about growing up is becoming best friends with your siblings.
Wednesday was the day the fireman came to Lincoln's school. He asked to go downtown after school and he insisted he wear his hat.
He keeps me on my toes.
We facetime.. A lot. And it's always quite interesting.
Lincoln's on a Mulan kick {which I really don't mind!}. And he enjoys sitting on the table while he watches it.
I bought this trampoline for Lincoln's 2nd birthday {I gave it to him early, in February}. It's been worth every penny.
My brother-in-law was Sheldon Cooper for Halloween. I knew I liked this guy!
Lincoln {out of nowhere one night} informed me that this is his mad face. I'd hate to be on his bad side.
A Starbuck's date after our bad morning.
Being his mom is such a gift.
This picture is awesome on SO many levels.
Two - Peppermint mocha is in that cup!!
Three - The girl at Starbucks spelt my name right. That has never been done!
Helping MoMo make cookies. They were so gross. It's the thought that counts!
Food, family, and football.
My two favorite boys. They're best friends, despite their disagreement on football teams.
We still love our Gators.
It's no secret that Linc loves being at his MoMo and Matt's house. During the game Lincoln crawled up on the couch, laid down on the pillow, and covered himself up. The rest of the time he was terrorizing their dog, Chance.
My little stud at church. It's a shame he's not loved at all.
It was a good week, full of God's blessings and a bad football game {can we fire Muschamp yet??}. Life is good and God is greater. Have an amazing week!

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