Friday, November 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Here are my five things this week!

{One} Santa {my parents} are buying Lincoln a swingset for Christmas and it should be here within the next couple weeks. We're going to put it together early and pray {hard} that Lincoln doesn't open a window to see the backyard. This is his big present this year and I am SO excited for him to see it!

{Two} I am a big on Lincoln having manners and being a gentleman. He has the manners down pat, but we've been working on him holding the door open for people. A few days ago we were getting ready to head into a store, he ran ahead of me and said, "I have to get that for you, Momma!" I was so incredibly proud of him.

{Three} Linc and I have SO much to be excited about! This morning we're heading to see Santa. My brother lives in Lakeland, Florida, and he will be home for Thanksgiving in just 14 days! We are so excited to see him, especially Linc! I am running my first 5k a week from Saturday and I am so excited! I'm nervous, too, but mostly excited!

{Four} It's already November 15th! I feel like the past couple months have dragged on, but for some reason this month is flying by! Christmas trees, Thanksgiving, 5 dollar shopping.. It's all coming up and I am so excited! I love this time of year!

{Five} Lincoln peed on the potty yesterday!! Followed by two accidents.. but I was excited and proud of him going the first time.

That's it for this week! Have an amazing weekend, friends!

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