Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Firefighters and Firetrucks

Obviously on November 1st I was really excited. And apparently, in my excitement, I forgot a few things I had planned on blogging about.. Like a firetruck, a fall party, and the cutest Spiderman ever. I'll start with the firetruck visiting Lincoln's school!

On Wednesday, October 30th {Yes, I'm really late on this} the kids had a in-school field trip where they got to meet a few firefighters and tour the firetruck and ambulance. Lincoln LOVES firetrucks and ambulances so I just knew he'd love them.. and I was so wrong. Lol. He was not having it, at all.

At this point it was going well. He was behaving and none of the kids had cried yet.

Mr. Willie Scott letting the kids touch the coat.

Linc is in the very middle.

This is when some of the kids started crying, and Lincoln started getting antsy after that.

Not sure if he should touch it or not.

Apparently that was no fun.

This was the last picture I got before he started getting upset.
I got this picture from one of his friends mom in the class. He especially did NOT want to be in the class picture.
The day didn't turn out how I thought, but he didn't do awful.. As long as he didn't have to go too close. Haha. Tomorrow I'll work on getting his Fall party pictures up on the blog!

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