Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Cheer.. in November!

In this post, I so graciously let everyone know that November was here as I spouted out all of the amazing things about this Christmas season. So if you didn't catch it then, I am crazy about Christmas. In fact, when Linc and I have our own house, I may make the first week of November the week we decorate for Christmas. No, I'm not joking people. But for now, we can't do that, so we decided to decorate a little.

There are two types of people who will hate this post.
One - the people who are annoyed by people who decorate early.
Two - the people who like to meticulously pull apart everyone's parenting decisions.
You two groups of people, probably shouldn't go any further. Sorry. You won't love this post.
For the others, go on! The pictures will make you smile!

My mom bought us a three foot three to go in my room so we could decorate. Lincoln loves Christmas trees and lights, so of course he's thrilled. On Wednesday, we stopped at Walmart to get Christmas candy {because what kind of decorating party would this be without chocolate?!} and ornaments. I let Lincoln pick out his ornaments and we headed home. He got a bath and I let him wear his Santa pajamas {festive, right?}. The chocolate was gone by this point, sorry.

Lincoln sleeps in my room. I have heard of all the reasons he shouldn't, but when he wakes up multiple times in the night upset because he can't find Momma, I decided that he could sleep with me. That's our decision, and it works out well for us. So my room has really become more of mine and Lincoln's room. He still has a bedroom, he just doesn't sleep in it.

Santa 'jamas' and Mickey slippers.
When I lit up the tree he was so excited!
Putting the ornaments on. {He has since rearranged them twice.}

He also wanted to buy this hat at Walmart. I decided to go with it. He walked around shouting, "Merry Christmas! Ho Ho!" We put on quite a little show.
Our decorated tree complete with some of our presents!
At night he goes to bed with the tree on; he loves it! {Yes, I turn it off before bed.} Within the next couple weeks I will be getting some lights to go up in our room, also.
In writing this post I realized I didn't write about Halloween festivities.. Oops. You can tell we didn't put much emphasis on them. But I will be getting those up in the next few days hopefully! I hope you have an amazing Friday!

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