Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chippy Fussell

I wrote all of this a week ago and when I couldn't find it I realized I had saved it as a draft instead of posting it. I'm posting this straight from last Saturday So here you go!

-This is late at night, so I apologize. This morning I ran in my first 5k and tonight we bought a Christmas tree for the front room {we'll still cut down another tree next week}. We've had a busy and fun day and there's been no time for blogging!

In our house, we choose to do Elf on the Shelf. Apparently, some people are really weirded out by this. I've seen more than one comment on Facebook lately about people who say they will never ever have one of those things in their house. So if you choose to skip out on this tradition, that's fine. And if you're offended by it, then you don't have to read this. I bought Lincoln's elf last year and ended up not doing it with him because the closer we got to it the more I realized he wouldn't get anything out of it.

On Friday, I took Lincoln to see Santa! I decided that after I took him to see Santa that Santa would send an elf to our house for Lincoln. I had Santa tell Lincoln that he was going to send him an elf so Saturday morning we woke up and our elf was here! I asked Lincoln what he wanted to name his elf and he decided on Chippy {like the movie}.

So every Saturday I'm going to upload our Chippy pictures from the previous week.. Enjoy!

Saturday morning he was hiding on our Christmas tree in my room.
Sunday morning he was hanging out in Lincoln's stocking.
Morning morning he fed DoDo for us.
Tuesday morning he was sitting on the light in the kitchen.

Wednesday morning he was hanging out in the stable with Jesus.
Thursday morning he was hanging on the oven.
Friday morning he was in Lincoln's basketball goal {which I'm trying to sell, by the way. I need it gone by Christmas}.
And this morning {Saturday} he was hanging on my mom's Christmas tree in the kitchen."
Here are my posts from this week.
Chippy was on the firetruck ladder. {Linc thought this was hilarious.}

Riding on Horton.

Riding in the buggy.

Hiding in the pantry.

Riding on the horse.
I think this year I'll keep it simple with the places I hide him. Next year I might make them more creative and fun. But for now.. sitting on things is fine! Have an amazing Saturday!


  1. so fun! I like the one where he's feeding the fish. I want to do this with Nolan, but it might have to wait til next year :)

    1. He thought he fish one was hysterical! I think next year I may make him do different things, instead of just putting him places. But for this year, he enjoys it enough! Nolan will love it!