Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Story {Part Two}

Almost a month ago, I shared the first part of my story with you. I know, I know.. That was forever ago, so if you never read that part or just forgot all about it click here. And now I'll begin the second part of my story, and what I believe is the most important part, because it's when I really fell in love with Jesus.

About a week prior to September 17th, 2010, I began throwing up.. a lot. {Whoever named it morning sickness should be sued.} My parents have asked me many times if I ever suspected that I was pregnant and I always answer no. As stupid as it sounds, I was 17 and naive. Like every other teenager in the world I just didn't think it could happen to me. I never actually considered it happening to me.

After almost a week of being sick all day every day, we headed to Solantic to figure out what was wrong with me. After a lot of questions, the doctor came in and very quietly and very carefully said, "You're pregnant." I remember her telling me I'd be due in May sometime and asking me when I would graduate. I also remember her asking me if I wanted her to help me tell my dad, who was waiting outside. I quickly answered no.

To be honest, you'd think I would've cried, panicked, freaked out, something.. But no, I did nothing. I just sat and stared at the doctor. Back then I couldn't figure out why I wasn't freaking out, but I look back and I know for a fact that God's hand was all over that office. I was undeniably peaceful, but without reason to be. I obviously hadn't planned this pregnancy and I obviously wasn't excited to tell my parents about this pregnancy. But God's grace was quietly raining down and He put me at immediate peace. When Jesus promises to give us peace that passes all understanding {Philippians 4:7} He's not kidding. In that doctor's office I had a peace that I couldn't understand, a peace that I still have no explanation for, other than God. And in that precious moment of peace, God told me that I was having a son.

I kept the news to myself for a few days because I needed time to grasp the reality and to figure out how to say it. I did my best to absorb the news, pray a lot, and got sick some more. Finally on September 20th, at 8:29 pm, I blurted out the words, "I'm pregnant." I felt immediate relief just knowing it was out there, but also a lot of worry. I come from a Christian home and I knew they'd be disappointed. My parents were upset, but great about the whole thing. They prayed over me, asked some questions, and prayed some more. Our house was filled with Grace that night.

A couple weeks later I went in to meet a very wonderful doctor named Latoya Kuester. Little did I know, she would be a huge part of my life. If you live in Northeast Florida and are looking for an amazing doctor, I strongly recommend her. She was my saving grace on many tough days and she loved me like crazy during those nine months. {If you're wanting more information on her, click the link above.} She is worth the drive, friends. And if you're looking for a midwife I strongly recommend Ann McGrath who is in practice with Dr. Kuester.

During this, I was out of school for two weeks sick. We immediately emailed my teachers and my principal who were phenomenal at getting my work together for me to do at home so I wouldn't have to be behind everyone else. I knew I was still going to graduate, but I thought I would end up doing it online instead. My principal insisted I finished up with my class and would accept nothing else. The teachers I had my senior year and my principal have earned my respect. They worked with me, let me leave class without asking if I thought I was going to be sick, and most importantly they loved on and didn't judge a 17 year pregnant teenager who really just needed acceptance at that point. They have my full gratitude and I am so thankful that God placed them in my life.

My parents called my brother the day after I told them I was pregnant and asked him to come home for the weekend. He was attending college in Tampa. He was just about as far away from God as you can get..

-To Be Continued

What happens next will surprise you, rock your soul, and show you that the Miracle Worker still does miracles. Thank you for reading, friends.


  1. thanks for sharing this piece of your story--and Lincoln's story!
    I look forward to reading the rest of it!