Friday, October 25, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you're having an awesome day and have something fun planned for the weekend! Here are my five things for Friday!

{One} The weather is WONDERFUL! I have worn my boots and scarves like crazy the past few days AND I broke out my electric blanket. I use this every single night once it gets cold until about February. It's leopard print and one of my very favorite gifts I've ever been given {Thanks Mom & Dad!}.

{Two} Lincoln is showing all the signs of being ready to potty train, so we're {kind of} potty training. He will hold it until he gets off the potty. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This is what I get for bragging about how well behaved Lincoln is and how he has such good manners.

{Three} I found two quotes this week that are absolutely perfect. "A blood stained cross and an empty tomb screams that you ARE worth the pursuit." and "You, beautiful girl, have a heart worth treasuring." I think sometimes, as daughters of God, we forget our worth. Life threatens to knock us down and we start comparing ourselves to everyone else we see. FIGHT THAT. You are beautiful, lovely, wonderful, amazing, and as a daughter of God you deserve the very best. Never forget your worth in Christ and never allow anyone to treat you any less.

{Four} My brother has an incredible opportunity to go to Portland this Summer and he has to raise the money to be able to go. He is confident that this is what God has called him to do and I would appreciate it if you would prayerfully consider helping him out financially, and continue to pray for him also! If you'd like to donate CLICK HERE.

{Five} There are some messages that straight up rock your soul. I found one from Celebration Church that I have listened to at least five times now. It's about God's perfect timing and it is incredible. To go listen to it, click here. "God's timing is perfect and divine."

So that's all for my five things this Friday! I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed weekend!

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