Friday, October 4, 2013

High Five for Friday!

This post should really be called high five for the fact that I remembered to do my Thursday and Friday post. It's a miracle. If you didn't see my Thankful Thursday, click here. If this is my first Friday post you've seen, on Fridays I post five things.. It may be something I bought, one of my favorite things from the week, or something I'm looking forward to! Here are my five things!


Santa Claus is definitely working hard in the Fussell house. Lincoln has four presents and three stocking presents. {Yes, I start early!} But really, they're even all wrapped and I'm getting another one tomorrow. I love October because it's when I get most of my Christmas shopping done. Speaking of Christmas, Lincoln is 2 1/2 right now and he's starting to get the hang of this whole Santa Claus thing. So obviously, like any good mom who loves a little bribery, I've been telling him that if he's good, Santa will bring him presents. So now, whenever he sees a picture of anything, he says, "Santa will bring me that?!" Yesterday he got a Sears ad and asked if Santa will bring him a riding lawnmower.. Oh my.


Lincoln and I had dinner with my friend, Kayla, Wednesday night at Tasty's and then walked downtown for ice cream, boat seeing, playing in the fountain, throwing coins in the fountain, and running endlessly. We had such a great time! It's a rarity that someone else takes pictures of me and Lincoln, because we never have anyone with us so when she snapped this picture below, I was so excited!


Sunday is going to be a fun day for me and Linc! First we have church and then a friend in Lincoln's class is having a birthday party and I'm so excited for him to go. He's only been to one birthday party before so bring on all the kids parties for the next 15 years! After that we have our first single moms meeting. I'm so excited for Sunday! {To see more about the meeting, click here.}


On my run yesterday, I saw a deer. A HUGE one. I was so so excited.


My blogger friend, Meg, who guest posted here, posted a wonderful blog here, that so easily and effortlessly portrays God's grace and mercy. I've read it twice now, and it keeps getting better. Go check it out!

I hope you have an awesome Friday and have some amazing things planned for the weekend! Be sure to go follow me either by email, Google or Yahoo, or with Bloglovin to stay updated when I post! You can leave comments or email me at! Have an amazing day!

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