Monday, October 21, 2013

Cody's Birthday Party

Two Sunday's ago was Cody's {a friend of Linc's from school} third birthday party. I was a little nervous one, because it was at party and play and Lincoln's always had me play with him and two, because Lincoln didn't really know anyone there except Cody and neither did I. We went though, and I'm so glad we did! Cody's mom {and whole family} was so sweet and welcoming, we had a great time!

His birthday party was at Party & Play in Fernandina. I have taken Lincoln there a few times but every time we go he has needed my help to climb and won't play without me. When we got there, he DID NOT want to go in without me. Another little boy there was the same way so I went once with Linc and his dad went once with him. After once, Lincoln played on that one slide A LOT.

After a while he got bored and decided to go play on the other things. After about five minutes, he was hooked! He played on every thing there and loved it!

Sitting on the huge chair
There is a huge slide there that the kids aren't allowed to go on unless they can climb up it themselves. Lincoln had never been on it but when Cody went, he decided to go too.

I may have been a little kind of incredibly nervous the first time he went up. He became a pro after the tenth time he did it. The guys there were so good about not letting the big kids go up while the younger ones were going up.
Linc man on the big slide!
People kept walking over to let us know they'd be doing cake and Lincoln thought it meant we were leaving so he got upset. It took me a good seven minutes to get him to go over to where they were serving cake and ice cream. Jenny {Cody's mom} had the cutest Veggie Tales cupcakes from Publix. I didn't know you can take a picture in there for them to make a cake for you. I wish I had gotten a picture of Cody and Lincoln, but neither of them stayed still long enough to get one!
After cake and ice cream they got to go play some more. It was such a sweet party and Lincoln has been asking me ever since to 'go to the birthday party'. Poor kid wants to go all the time. I'm already thinking about that place as a possibility for Lincoln's third birthday party! We'll see!
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