Friday, September 20, 2013

We Have a Guest Today!

Hi, friends, and happy Friday! Late last night I posted my High Five for Friday post {here} but this morning I have a special guest here who I am so very excited for you to meet and thankful to call a friend!

Meg is one of my favorite blogger friends! She is so kind, sweet, and down to earth. She has a heart for Jesus and for traveling. We've never met {maybe she'll take a trip to Amelia Island, hint, hint!} but I'm still so thankful for her friendship. Her blog is one of my daily reads and I'm so excited that you'll get to meet her, here, today! Go check her blog out, I promise you'll love it {and most likely stay a while like I do}!

Today I am blogging over on her blog.. To see that post click here!

I was so excited when Carrington asked me to do a guest post - I am just such a fan of her blog. It's where I come for encouragement from a darling friend in the mornings. Oh, and her son is absolutely adorable ;) Then, of course, came the hard part: what in heavens name is there to write about?! It's difficult, you know. Writing for someone else's sweet internet space. It's like being a guest in a home, where you want to be kind, courteous and completely you - without getting kicked out ;)

Well, I promise I won't leave any towels on the floor, but I am going to talk about Africa. My lovely blogger friend asked me to write something on a trip that I took, someplace that I went way back when. I have always had a bit of a travel bug, even though I didn't manage to leave my home state of California until I was thirteen. So I decided to write about Africa. Because it was a big deal, a God thing, my first time out of the USA, and in a country without a Starbucks. Such an American girl, hey?

My best friend in college was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and we made the fifty+ hour trek from Los Angeles to Harare in the middle of a humid African summer. I was a spoiled {recent} college graduate with little to no exposure to poverty, and goodness. Africa is such a place. Dusty, humid, dry then drowning in torrential rainstorms. It's where families don't have money but oh how they love.

They love with open hearts and empty tummies, mothers carry their children close and sing in voices that run deep with heartbreak. There is a sense of community, of family, even when the men are hawking internet cards at intersections. Chess on street corners and food stamps, rotten food in empty grocery aisles and churches that sing praises so loud the cracks in the windows creak in chorus.
One day, I'll go back. With a mind that isn't so closed, a heart that's not quite so hard. Our God is such a big God, friends. He has the world in His hands, quite literally, in a way that I had never witnessed before. The differences in culture are minute when it comes right down to it - the churches are still filled with the same kind of people, the ones who have hearts that beat so hard for Him it's hard to breathe.

I'll be the first to admit that my church attendance in college was hinged upon what people thought of me - obviously I had to go because there were donut holes and my roommate went. Then there's the mother that gets her little ones dressed early and walks miles to church, or the father that urges his broken down vehicle to lurch down an African back road, riddled with potholes, because there's a worship service and please he doesn't want to miss it. When there is nothing, God becomes everything. 

Faith is alive in Africa - the love is real, the hearts are big. And here, where there is so little, God is huge. 
Didn't she do a fabulous job? And the pictures?! Absolutely beautiful. So that's Meg in a nutshell, and now I'm sure you see why she's so wonderful! Go check out her blog sometime today and find out a little bit more about who she is!

Oh and Meg, Lincoln loved the picture of the monkeys and elephant! So thank you for entertaining him, too! 

Have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

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