Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Church and the Single Mom

Happy Sunday friends! Today I'm speaking about something that I am passionate about. I came across a website here, a couple months ago and fell in love. I ordered this book, and read it in one night. In fact, it is what really pushed me to start prayerfully considering talking to my pastor about starting a single moms ministry at our church. Did you hear that?! God is so good and on October 6th {A WEEK FROM TODAY!} we are having our first meeting. Know a single mom?! SEND HER MY WAY! You can comment on this post or email me at to get more details. God is going to do some great things!!

All of that basically lead me to start thinking about the fact that I needed to post about this. Why? Because single moms are important. Jesus loves the single mom. He has compassion on them. So we should, too.

If you've ever walked in a church, you've seen her. She's the mom juggling a bag, purse, keys, and a phone in one hand with a child holding the other. She's the mom who is trying to hide her left hand for fear of someone seeing her ring finger empty. She's the mom who looks a little more tired than the others, and is quick to find a seat without having to talk to anyone. Jesus so loves the single mom.

I've been in churches where I feel incredibly judged. On the other hand, I have been in churches where I have felt like I was very accepted despite the fact that I had a child at 18. I am the single mom. I am the mom who parents alone and brings my small family of two to church on Sunday mornings. I am the mom who sometimes worries what people will think when I walk around with no wedding ring and my two year old. It's hard to walk into a place that should be the most gracious and be judged. It's hard to walk into church {an incredible place of refuge} and know that all eyes are staring at you.

But this is the thing. I am the mom Jesus loves. And I am the mom that the church should love. There are so many single moms out there that are begging for help. They are pleading with anyone to show them some love and some grace. We need to finally realize that these single moms are not supposed to be the outcasts; they shouldn't be afraid to walk in our church doors. And when I say our church doors, I mean all of us. I mean The Journey Church and every other church on the face of the planet. We are not called to pick and choose who we show grace and love to.

I am blessed to have a family who supports me as a single mom and supports this ministry that God is starting. I am blessed to have such a gracious pastor {and his wife} who really cares about people and has prayed about this and stepped out on faith by starting this ministry.

So if you know a single mom in the Northeast Florida area, please let her know about this ministry. Please let her know we're here to help, give support, and grace. No judgement. No condemnation. Jesus loves the single mom. And I do, too.

 If you don't live in the area and you're a single mom who needs some encouragement, be sure to comment or send me an email. I love hearing from y'all!

I hope all of y'all have an amazing day full of grace and hope! Be sure to go follow me either by email, Google or Yahoo, or with Bloglovin to stay updated when I post! You can leave comments or email me at! Have an amazing day!

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