Thursday, September 5, 2013

Perspectives of a Young Mom and a Lesson on Judgement

In my opinion, many times, fear comes from the unknown. We learn to fear things we don't understand. Can I tell you that I feel that sometimes society fears the young mom? And not in a 'oh my gosh, they are so scary' way but in a 'I don't really understand so I think I'll keep my distance' way.

The irony is, I used to be the same way. And then this interesting thing happened to me called teenage pregnancy and it changed my perception.

I have been blessed beyond measure. For the most part, people have treated me exceptionally well in regards to my being a young, single mom. I've heard horror stories where people have treated many teenage/young moms horribly by saying degrading things to them and I am so thankful that God has shielded me from that.

Truth is, I want the same things for my son as all the other moms.

I want him to be intelligent, enjoy school, and get a college education.
I want him to be full of joy and love life.
I want him to love Jesus with every part of him.
I want him to choose to stay away from the same mistakes as I did.
I want him to love people like Jesus does, and be more accepting than I was when I was younger.
I want him play sports and be active.
I want him to be a Godly man, marry a Godly woman, and have Godly children.
I want him to never lose his love of life that he has now.
I want him to know Jesus at a young age.
I want him to laugh often, and enjoy the little things in life.
And of course, I want him to love his Mommy!

Truth is, I'm not that different from any other mom, despite my being 20. I love my little boy with all I have and I'll gladly give him the world. I may not be married and I may be young, but that doesn't change the love I have for my son, or what I can give him. Like any other mom, I make sacrifices for my son so he can have the best that life has to offer. I work, go to school, and I put aside a social life because I have him.

And when I think about how some people don't understand me and my choice to raise Lincoln at such a young age, I think.. How often do I judge people because I don't understand them? It reminds me, there are so many situations and circumstances that I haven't gone through that I tend to judge because I just don't know anything about what they're going through. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone but myself here. Honest truth from this blogger, this is an area I fall short.

The world hates the outcasts. Jesus loves them. The world hates the people who are 'different'. Jesus loves them. He loves the single moms, the homosexuals, the black, the white, the Hispanic. He loves the poor, the homeless, the millionaires, the British, the Americans. He loves the women who abort their children, He loves the murderers, the liars, the rapists, and the thieves. He loves the slanderous, He loves the adulterer. He loves the heartbroken and the proud. He loves women and He loves men.

So today I choose grace. Today I choose to love those who may be different from me. Because the One who has shown me so much grace, loves them just as equally as He loves me.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. {1 Peter 4:8}

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