Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Week{s} in Pictures

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! I didn't do a post last week with pictures I've taken lately.. So there are a lot to share and an incredibly cute video at the end! Enjoy!

We've been working on potty training {kind of} and I told Lincoln if he went potty he could have a sucker. So he runs in the bathroom and sits on the potty.. Nice try, son.
Like I said, we've been working on potty training. Linc loves underwear, he just doesn't like going potty. Yogurt and Geesh are two other things he loves!
Santa's elf retweeted me?! Is it lame that this really made me smile?
Cinnamon and I started the couch to 5k running plan last week and this was our first run. Of course we had to take a picture. The weather has been so nice!
When I got a new outfit last week I had to send a picture to my sister.. If the weather would get chilly I could actually wear this!
Date night with my favorite boy! We love Yobe! 
Date night also included a trip downtown where we had to look in the Christmas store! He's definitely my son!
He loves the boats and I love the sunsets and laughter. This is my new favorite picture of us!
If you go to Hobby Lobby with Geesh you usually end up bringing home something you want, or at least that's how it goes in our family. On this particular trip my mom bought Lincoln a singing Gingerbread man and two Berenstain Bears books. He loves that thing and it sang the whole way home from Jacksonville.
I took Lincoln to the beach on this night and we saw a huge tractor. It was "bigger than Momma!" He was in Heaven.
Running after Momma with sand in his hand. Typical.
We got caught in the rain so I snuggled Lincoln on the couch in a towel and he fell asleep within five minutes. This never happens so I took in every minute! So sweet!
When it rains we love to bake. These were fudge brownies with vanilla icing and Halloween sprinkles. And they were GOOD.
I sat down for a minute before Linc went to school and Lincoln said, "Want feet up too, Momma!"
Our stockings came in the mail!!!!! If I lived on my own, I would probably go ahead and put these up. Sad part is, I'm not joking. I love them. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!
Mickey Mouse is ready for bed and so is Linc man!
View on my run. I love my town.
Papa preached at a revival this past week so Tuesday night we got dressed up and went to hear him. It is the first time {since he was little} that Linc has sat through a service instead of being in the nursery. I was so proud of how well he did! {The coloring book helped a lot!}
It's fun to look back at old pictures at how we've changed. The top picture is my high school graduation {doesn't everyone bring their child to their graduation??} and the bottom was Linc's first day of school that you can read about here!
The weather is FINALLY getting chilly {kind of}. We both wore jackets for the first time this week and we played outside a lot! Lincoln's loving it!
When we run, Lincoln holds on like this. I can't be that scary.
Like I said, we've been playing outside a lot. He loves to ride "Mater" around the block. I bought this for his first Christmas {it used to just rock} and I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it!
He loves it!
Another downtown adventure with a gorgeous sunset!
I bend down to take a picture and he comes after me with his shovel and some sand.
Sister time includes this crazy dog right here, Chance. Thankful for a sister I am so close to. This is what I love about growing up!
Linc's been invited to his first birthday party next Sunday! Bring on the kids birthday parties for the next 16 years! So thankful to be his mom!
So that's it for the past couple weeks. I hope you have an awesome Monday and an incredible week! Be sure to go follow me either by email, Google or Yahoo, or with Bloglovin to stay updated when I post! You can leave comments or email me at! Have an amazing day!


  1. Aw, I'm loving all of these pictures!! What a wonderful couple of weeks it has been for you two - Lincoln never ceases to make me smile at the office :) And you look so beautiful in that high school graduation photo, long hair? ;)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad he makes you smile, he makes me smile, too! I had extremely long hair at my high school graduation! Haha.