Monday, September 2, 2013

I Love Thunderstorms

I love a lot of things.. Candles, wedges, coffee, hugs, snuggles with my sweet toddler, bedtime prayers. Today we'll talk about another thing I love.

I love thunderstorms.

And I don't mean a little bit of rain. I mean full on pouring rain, thunder, lightning, power goes off, thunderstorms.

A few weeks ago we had a thunderstorm and the power went off. There is something so serene and peaceful about a storm, especially at our home. Our house has a bay window that lets in a lot of light and it's the perfect place to watch the rain fall and the lightning strike. I lit six {yes, six! I was in Heaven!} candles and my parents and I sat in the front room watching the storm while Lincoln played on the floor with his 'Linc logs'. My phone was dead from not charging it the night before and we had no Internet connection so any technology I could get to was off, and boy was it nice. I'm so thankful for technology and how it allows me to stay connected to people, meet new blogger friends, and share my life but sometimes it's nice to not have it. Sometimes it's nice to be alone with my thoughts and the laughter of my two year old. It made me realize how often I'm on the computer/phone and so I've been working on leaving my phone in my room for most of the day.

And so with the rain pouring down, the lights off, and my candles glowing, we had a wonderful time. Lincoln talked and played and we sat there and enjoyed the quiet. It was wonderful. I wish we could have a storm like that at least once a month. I'm thankful for quiet moments.

See what I mean? Absolutely beautiful.
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