Thursday, September 19, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! I feel like I just wrote last week's High Five for Friday! post yesterday. This week has gone by fast. If this is my first Friday post you've seen, on Fridays I post five things.. It may be something I bought, one of my favorite things from the week, or something I'm looking forward to! Here are my five things!

1. MY FAMILY IS GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. That had to be in caps lock, obviously. Yesterday my parents surprised me with the confirmation of our tickets while we were drinking coffee. If you don't know me, I LOVE DISNEY WORLD! I'm probably definitely worse than a four year old. We used to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party each year for my birthday {December 10}, and I loved it! So, for my 21st birthday, we're going to Disney! And the best part? My whole family is going!! It will be Linc's first time at Disney World and I am so thrilled to take him!

2. Cinnamon and I have started the couch to 5k runs to get ready for the Run or Dye run in November, and we're almost done with our first week. I'm actually really enjoying it and it's nice having someone do it with me!

I just started this book today and didn't get through the first chapter before knowing I was going to love it. It speaks about how many of us are in a position of leadership and we don't even know it. It shows us how to be leaders God's way. Like I said, I'm loving it.

4. Lincoln talks constantly. Ever since I got pregnant with him people told me I would hate when he started talking and I always said I wouldn't. And guess what, I don't. I LOVE THIS TALKING STAGE! He says the funniest things! For instance, last night he told my dad that he drives a purple car and Momma sits in the backseat. He also had me flip over his pillow because it was on the wrong side. He is hysterical. These are precious moments I hold dear.

5. My parents surprised me with two of the most wonderful smelling candles a few days ago. They are cinnamon coffee cake scented, and they are so perfect for Fall!

So that's it for this Friday! What are some of your high five for Friday moments??

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  1. I love Disney World too -- you're going to absolutely LOVE seeing it through your little guy's eyes. I thought it was fun before we had kids, but it's seriously magical seeing them light up!

    Awesome job with Couch to 5K! The director at my daughter's daycare just started it too! I love hearing about others starting out with running!

    1. I am so so excited to see him experience it! He is so into Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Chip and Dale right now that my parents thought he'd love going! My poor family, it's all they're going to hear about for the next three months!

      Thank you! I'm nervous for next week runs but excited at the same time!