Friday, September 13, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Hi, friends! I'm started a new thing on Fridays here. {Shoot, I just remembered I forgot Thankful Thursday for the second week in a row. I'm awful}. On Fridays {if I can remember} I'm going to share five of my favorite things from the past week. It can be anything: a blog post, a picture, piece of clothing, something Lincoln said, etc.

So here's this weeks favorites.

1. Lincoln has been learning to pray. If you didn't see the sweetest prayer ever, click here. So now, no matter when we're praying {before bed, before a meal, etc.} Lincoln says this, "Thank You Jesus for Momma. AMEN!" And the amen is shouted, loudly. It's so precious.

This coffee cup! I started looking for Lincoln a new Christmas stocking yesterday online and came across this cup {I can't remember where. I'll ask and let you know, Cinn!} and mentioned to my mom that I loved it. She then got mad {haha} because apparently she had already bought it for me for Christmas and it was in her closet waiting to be wrapped. So I got an early Christmas present, how cool is that! I will obviously be drinking my coffee out of this mug this morning {and every other morning of the year!}

I bought this yesterday because we were out. This will get stains out of anything. Moms, I'm serious! Linc's stains always come out. You need it. Now.

4. We're having a garage sale on Saturday morning and I'm excited to finally sell this stuff that has been in our garage forever. And I know my mom is ready to have space in the garage again.

5. The weather in Fernandina has been bearable! Fall is coming people.. Slowly, but it's coming! When Linc and I can play outside in the mornings and afternoon and not start sweating as soon as we walk out the door, I know Fall is coming. Just makes me happy!

What have been some of your favorites from your week??

If you missed my bucket list, click here. And if you need to be reminded of God's faithfulness, click here. In the next week or two I have a lot coming at you: a day trip to an awesome store {with a lot of laughter included}, a guest post, and some awesome things that God has been working on in me!

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