Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day Trip to IKEA

Hi, friends! I hope you've had an amazing week and have something fun planned for the weekend!

I have been excited to share this with you since it happened. Why? Because it made me smile and it made me laugh {two things I love to do}.

Have you been to IKEA? If you haven't, I strongly recommend you go, and soon! Whether you need anything is not the point, you just need to go. You see, IKEA isn't just a store, it's an experience. From the moment you walk in the front doors, to the moment you pull your car around and try to shove as much stuff as you can into your car {Oh wait, my family is the only one who does that? Disregard my previous statement!} you'll love every minute. And you'll especially love the prices. I guarantee you you'll spend at least two hours in the store, and even kids love it. {Really, Linc was pumped all week about it!}

And when the Fussell family goes to IKEA, we go big. It's not go big or go home, it's go big and go home! We go looking for a couple things and we come out with at least ten, and most of those are huge boxes. So when we started thinking about the fact that I needed a new bed and Lincoln needed a new dresser, we figured a day trip to IKEA was in order! I say the words 'day trip' like it's an hour or two there. But no, it's three hours there so that's six hours in the car altogether in one day. {Totally worth it!}

Breakfast before our trip. Lincoln's newest favorite place to eat is in the front room. This is where my parents and I have coffee/tea every morning and it's where Lincoln {Buzz and Simba, too!} has his waffles.

So last Friday at eight we packed up the Escalade with Christmas movies, books, and blankets and set out for our favorite store. Let me tell you, Lincoln was so excited! All week he said, Go to IKEA! Whoever gets to marry him {when he's 30, of course} will be one blessed lady!

We stopped at Panera on the way to get out and get some food and then we were off. And when I saw that big yellow IKEA sign, I was excited! {Don't lie, you get excited, too!}

I have wanted black furniture in my room for years. I used to have a silver bed with a black dresser and then a natural colored bedside table. Nothing matched. So I knew I needed really wanted a black bed. I don't have pictures of us looking because I didn't take my phone in. Besides, that's not the most fun part! After trying {for half an hour} to convince Lincoln to get a big boy bed so he could sleep in his room again, we gave up. Instead we decided to get two bookshelves and a shelf to go over my new bed.

Lincoln got to ride on top of the boxes with Papa

So a bed, shelves, a candle, two chairs, a dresser, a few other things I don't remember, and a few hours later, we were ready to get it in the car. The only problem? We my dad and an employee of IKEA were having a hard time fitting in the car. After what seemed like an eternity {hey! It was hot!} everything fit. The funny part? I couldn't see anyone in the car. We had boxes going through the middle seats so Lincoln and I could only see each other through a few openings.

This was my view of Lincoln if I was below all of the boxes looking up
This was the middle opening. {Also used for hand holding}
Linc's in a hand holding phase {Please, Lord, never let it stop!} We couldn't see each other but we held hands like this for at least half of the drive home.
Here comes the funny part. At one point during the drive Linc's movie was over and he wanted to watch it again. The problem? No one could reach the DVD player. If he can't watch a movie in the car he's not going to be happy. And if Lincoln's not happy in the car, no one's happy in the car. So I decided I'd be a genius and crawl on top of all of the boxes. {Lincoln thought this was hysterical to see me pop over the top}. Finally I reached the DVD player and got it going again and then.. I got stuck. In the picture my head is touching the ceiling and I had no clue how to get back down to my seat. Thankfully I figured it out in less than a minute. Made us laugh for a good five minutes, which was the best part of the day!
This is the final product and I love it!
All of my furniture matches and now I have a place to put my growing collection of books. I am one happy girl! It was such a fun day and I'm so proud of Lincoln doing so great all day!
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