Sunday, September 1, 2013

You're Beautiful

Culture is killing girls- emotionally, spiritually, and literally. Culture is screaming lies left and right at women daily. It doesn't start when you are five and end when you turn 20, it's our whole lives. Everything and everyone out there is whispering, "You're not good enough." Miley Cyrus is teaching women to be crazy for a little {bad} attention and Robin Thicke is teaching us to succumb to the idea of allowing men to look at us and treat us like a cheap piece of meat. Commercials tell us we need this new product to look prettier and magazines tell us that we'll never be as flawless as {insert photoshopped woman's name here}. It seems like no matter what clothes we wear, what car we drive, how much we have, we can't be good enough for society.

Well can I tell you something, friend?

You're beautiful.

You are not the size you're wearing. You're not that mistake you made. You're not the abortion you had, the man you slept with, or the drugs you're doing. You're not the house you own, the clothes you wear, or the number in your bank account. You're not what a magazine, TV show, or movie tells you. You're a daughter of God. You're beautiful, ravishing, wonderful, amazing, incredible, funny, astonishing, stunning, intelligent. You are priceless.

You are not what you have done; you are what He did for you on the cross. You're every bit of love and grace that was poured out for you on a blood stained cross. You are the mercy He shows you, the overwhelming love He has for you, and the truth of His word.

He made you how you are for a purpose and a divine one at that. He made you, YOU for a reason. Society will lie to you. Society will tell you differently. And society will beat you down. Your heart will hurt, you'll be broken, and you'll feel less than if you listen to the lies. Don't let the world tell you who you are because the world doesn't know your Jesus. Your Jesus loves you {how you already are} so very much. So much that words wouldn't appease His love. So much that just verbalizing His love to you wasn't enough. So much that His love moved Him to action, an action that let Him be beaten and mocked and crucified. He loved you enough to push aside everything that was in the way to be with you for eternity, and that includes your self image. With His death He beat the lies that say you will never be good enough and He proved that His love does conquer all.

So revel in that today. Celebrate the fact that Jesus loved you enough to die for you. Your past, present, nor future can change His love for you. Love yourself the way that Jesus loves you. And smile. Because Jesus gave up everything for you. That should make you feel immensely special.

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