Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation 2013!

Hi! We're back! Friday morning we headed to Orlando for a few days to hang out by the pool and just relax. It was my first vacation in six years and Lincoln's very first vacation! It was relaxing and wonderful but I think I can speak for all four of us when I say I am so very thankful to be home! I'll start at the beginning! Enjoy! Oh, and because I'm the person who loves having pictures to look back on, I'm the one taking all the pictures, which means I'm hardly in any of them. {Until I brought it up the night before we left}
Thursday night Lincoln slept in my bed and Friday morning we woke up at six. Me, being the person who just loves packing, still hadn't packed the day of our trip. We got out of bed and for some reason I decided to stay calm and act like it wasn't a big deal that we were leaving in a few hours and I hadn't packed one bit of my stuff. {I packed all of Lincoln's things Thursday.} So I put in Land Before Time and enjoyed some coffee while Linc watched his movie. Dad went to work while Mom and I got all of the stuff packed and put together for the trip. And I painted my nails.. Because who would want to go on vacation with their nails plain. No one, that's who. Only kidding.. Kind of. So Dad got home and we headed off on our adventure!
I took this at home. I asked Lincoln to show me his 'excited for vacation' face and this is what I got. I told him a few days before that we were going on vacation to swim at the pool and he's been asking to "Go pool, go pool!" for days. So precious.
And we're off! Lion King on..
..Baby boy out. This is before we even got out of town. Packing wore him out!
Glare on my glasses, so cute. But there's us in the car.
Since Lincoln was completely immersed in The Lion King, I got to read A LOT on the trip. I ended up starting and finishing two of these books. LOVE.
Cute boy crossing his leg and enjoying the Lion King still.
Happy boy!
Finally we got to the hotel and went inside. The joy on Lincoln's face was enough to make our vacation wonderful for me! He was SO excited. The glass elevator and the bird in the lobby were his favorites. We also went outside to show him the pool while Dad checked us in.
And we're here! The view from our room.
My mom hates pictures.
Lincoln loving our room.
Hide and seek, y'all.
Rolling around his suitcase.
More hide and seek. This is probably my favorite picture from the whole trip!
After getting to the hotel and getting settled in our room, we decided to go down to the pool and swim which was so nice! Linc was so very excited to swim {finally} and he did great in the pool. As it cooled off the water got chilly, so we decided to head up to the room and go to dinner.
My sweet boy and me walking out of our room to go to dinner. I told y'all, if I don't take pictures of us, no one will.
The view of the lobby from our floor. So gorgeous.
Waiting on someone to bring Papa's car.
We ate at Fuddruckers for dinner {which is wonderful, by the way!} and then walked next door and had frozen yogurt at Yolavie.
Lincoln loved this fountain on the way up to Fuddrucker's so we decided to eat our frozen yogurt outside so he could play in the fountain. I got a lot of weird looks for letting him do this, but I didn't see any harm in it! 
After dinner we walked around the hotel a little bit. Lincoln loved this statue. He called it the Lion King.
And this one he called 'Baby Elephant'. And yes, he's riding on it. Hey, if you're gonna pay to stay at a resort, you should be allowed to ride on their statues, too!
After exploring a little bit we headed up to the room for bed. This is the incredibly gorgeous view.
Bedtime didn't go as bad as I expected. He had a hard time settling down from all of the excitement, but still went to bed pretty good for being away from home.
After Linc fell asleep I read more of my book and ended up finishing it before I fell asleep, too. I always forget how much I love reading until I get back into it!
Good morning, everyone! Is everyone ready to go swimming?!
I didn't get any pictures of us swimming because I didn't take my camera down but swimming was great! Lincoln even did better Saturday with his floaty than Friday night. I was able to let him go more often without him drinking the water. He got to swim on my back a lot and even Papa and Geesh got in, too! After a few hours of swimming, he was exhausted and Lincoln and I headed up to the room to nap while Papa and Geesh stayed by the pool.
But first we took a picture to send to MoMo. This is our 'We miss MoMo' face!
When we woke up.. Uncle Pearce was there! Let me tell you, my sweet boy was excited!
Where did Uncle Pearce go?
That lump is Linc.
Hide and seek with Uncle Pearce.
Mommy can't see me if I sit here..
We played in the room and little bit and then headed to Downtown Disney! While Pearce and Geesh went to get a snack, Papa, Linc, and I went into the Dinosaur restaurant/shop and looked around.
He loved the three dinosaurs. He said the big one was Rex and the little one was baby.
Then we went here. And let me tell you, it was magical! One side is a store where you buy the Ghirardelli chocolate and the other side is where you order ice cream. We went to the ice cream side and it was amazing. Linc and I shared something called 'sunset' with ice cream and caramel and it was delicious. And we only spilled half of it on our clothes ;)
Brother bear.
And if Uncle Pearce does something..
Then of course Lincoln does it, too!
This boy makes me smile.
Hey, Buzz!
He behaves so well.
Lincoln has just been smitten with The Lion King for the past week or so and Papa and Geesh bought Lincoln a Simba. He is in love.
Geesh being silly, too.
Geesh, Linc, and Simba.
Oh, hey look! It's my family.. without me.
Two of my favorite boys!
Mommy's favorite store.. The Christmas store!
This lady was so sweet.
Linc loved this dragon.
One of my favorite characters.. Dopey!
Oh my word. This was probably my favorite part of Downtown Disney. This lady stood incredibly still and didn't laugh, and for that she should be paid a lot of money. I would die.. Especially in that heat.
Two little boys took their picture with her and she took their hat!
So Linc and Papa went to find out about her, too!
She tried to give Linc a high five.
And blow him a kiss. He wasn't sure what to think. When I showed him all of these pictures from vacation he asked to go back and see 'the lady'.
Dinosaurs.. this boy LOVES dinosaurs.
We headed back to the hotel to hang out there for a while before dinner.
It's a reoccuring theme that they don't behave together. Here they are sliding down the railing.. Simba, too.
Uncle Pearce built a fort between the two beds.
Headed to dinner. Have I mentioned that he LOVES his Simba??? Thanks Papa and Geesh!
Fun fact about my dad: He hates elevators. :)
But Lincoln LOVES them! Looking down at the lobby.
I asked if my mom would take a picture of me and Linc before dinner.. This is as good as it got.
Sweet brother and me! So excited to have spent the day with him! {Excuse the awful hair. I got out of the pool and let it dry and that's it.}
How I love this picture!
When the three of us get together, there is always trouble. Lincoln kept putting Simba on my head and laughing hysterically. Then, Pearce got Lincoln's yogurt all over my face so it turned into a big fight between the two of us and Lincoln decided to jump on top. A whole lot of laughter = such a sweet night!
My boy was worn out after dinner!
Saying goodbye on Sunday morning to Linc's favorite bird friend. When I asked him what the bird's name was he told me it was 'DoDo.' {The same name as our fish.}
My sweet boy and I in front of the bird before going home. Finally a picture with us! Yay!
Lincoln got a dog balloon at dinner Saturday night. When half of it popped, it looked somewhat like a flower. Here he is proudly showing off his flower balloon.
And then we went HERE! Yay!
Look at all I got! Which included 5 candles for $10! How awesome!
After a successful Ikea trip we drove for an hour and stopped for lunch and dessert at Panera. Then we headed home!
This is my excited to be home face! Linc was apparently not into it.
And finally his 'happy to be home' face!
Wow. That was a long post! We had such a wonderful time and I'm so thankful for the vacation that my parents so graciously allowed us to go on!
And in big news...... Tonight Lincoln and I were laying down ready for sleep and Lincoln said, "Lincoln pee pee in potty." So we rushed to the bathroom and after 20 minutes or so of sitting in the bathroom Lincoln went pee pee in the potty!!!! I am SUCH a proud mom tonight! I know, I know.. That may not be big for you but it was huge for us! Yay Lincoln!
I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend! Enjoy your week!

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