Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Can I just tell y'all that I can't keep my days straight? So much so that last night as I was writing a blog I realized that it was Thursday the next day and hadn't even begun to write this. So here is what I have been most thankful for this week!

I'm thankful for the nights Lincoln sleeps in bed with me. That might sound funny, but it's true. Right now he's sleeping in my bed and I'm thankful for his closeness because one day he'll grow older and he won't want to sleep in bed with his Mommy, so tonight {and every night he sleeps in my bed} I'm cherishing these precious and priceless snuggle moments and thanking God for this gift who calls me Mommy.

I'm thankful for friendship. Whether it be someone who is only in my life for a short time or someone I know will be there forever, the feeling of friendship is priceless and wonderful. I have friends from blogs that I have never met, I have friendships from my old world, friendships from school. I'm so grateful for these people that really impact my life more than they know. They encourage me, make me smile, and lift my spirits on tough days.

I'm thankful for unexpected visits. A few days ago I went downtown with Lincoln and saw Summer {a girl I went to high school with} who I haven't seen in months. Yesterday I went to Walmart and saw my aunt and cousin that I haven't seen in ages. Then I went to Target and saw Bonnie {who is one of my old co-workers and one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met} and that was such an incredible blessing. It makes my heart smile to get to visit with people I wasn't planning on seeing. It just makes me beyond happy and I'm grateful that I ended up running into these people this week.

I'm thankful for sales. This one may be silly, but I don't care. We went shopping on Sunday and I got some incredible deals. I bought a pair of jeans from LOFT for $9.22! I also bought Linc eight shirts that were all on sale. In fact, I think everything I bought all day was on sale which is awesome. Last week I went in Charming Charlie's just to look {yeah right!} and got an infinity scarf and a bracelet for only $20.

That's it for Thankful Thursday this week! On Monday I will post the second part of '100 things' and if you haven't read the first one you can read it here! Have an amazing weekend!

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