Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Y'all. I completely missed last Thursday and I am SO sorry. I was studying for finals and really didn't have any time to post so here you go!

I am thankful for my home. More than ever before, I am so grateful for the place that I live. In the past month God has really opened my eyes to how blessed I am to live here. I understand that a house is just a house and if it was God's plan for my family not to live here anymore, I'd accept it and thankfully I would get to move with the people who are my home- my mom, dad and Lincoln. But this roof over my head is so wonderful. I love the circular driveway, the amazing neighborhood, and the amazing front window that is absolutely perfect for thunderstorms. I love the fireplace during Christmastime and the sliding glass doors in my room. This home is where I told my parents I was pregnant and where I brought my angel home for the first time. This home is irreplaceable and I am so grateful that I get to live here.

I am thankful for Lincoln's laughter. I had a hard week and Lincoln kept me smiling and laughing. No matter what kind of day I have, one giggle out of that little boy and I am set with a smile. His sweet heart and precious smile can lift my spirits and I honestly believe that Lincoln was given to me especially for times like this. I really believe it's why we're perfect for each other.

I'm thankful for the little things. Disclaimer: This may sound silly, but it's true. I am all about little things that just make me smile. I honestly believe people would be happier if they learned to be thankful and enjoy the small things in life that they love. So a few of mine are.. Painting my nails. Sleeping in my big 'princess' bed. Thunderstorms. A warm fire on a cold Winter night. The wind blowing. The feeling after a good workout. A candle burning. Naps. Big Lincoln hugs. A sweet note of encouragement. A good book. Being called Mommy. Hugs. Taking pictures. Laughing like crazy. A good sale.

I'm thankful for Red Lobster's lobster pizza. Y'all. Years ago my brother loved Red Lobster's lobster pizza and this was before I really enjoyed seafood so I hated when we would have to go eat there. Then one glorious day I tried this lobster pizza and I was hooked. But then one sad day, they took lobster pizza off the menu and replaced it with lobster flat bread (or something ridiculous like that) and I didn't like it. BUT my mom just let me know, IT'S BACK! So today we're having lunch at Red Lobster and I will most definitely be enjoying my lobster pizza. I'm telling y'all, it's the little things!

I'm thankful for the chaos in our home. Because it means Lincoln is here. This morning he's been running around shouting and laughing and playing. And that's a blessing.

I will extol the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips. {Psalm 34:1}

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  1. This post brings me such joy - I love this. I was just writing a post on thankfulness today. God is so good - isn't He? :)