Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lincoln's First Day of School!!!

First and foremost, what an awesome blessing it is to be able to allow Lincoln to go to school. I am SO grateful to God that He has financially provided for me to be able to pay for a Christian school. He is so good!

With that said, onto my sweet angel's first day of school!!!!

I spent all last week signing papers, copying papers, picking out our first day of school outfits {yes, I made sure I had a cute one, too!}, making things like shirts and signs, and being anxious to see how my baby did on his first day!

I got this idea on Pinterest of putting your child's graduation year on a large shirt and seeing how they get bigger through the years. Linc's is a men's size medium and this is the best picture I got of it. {You'll see why when you scroll down.}
And of course, I had a candle lit.
I got this idea from Pinterest and from friends on Facebook whose kids have gone to school where their teachers have done this with the children. I will also be doing a last day of school.
Sweet boy sleeping before his big day! Simba, too!

On Monday morning we slept till seven. SEVEN, y'all! We never sleep that late! I told you that boy is an angel! We got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make chocolate chip muffins {a very important first day of school tradition}, and then played for a little while. After playtime and muffins we got ready and took pictures.. And guess what. They turned out GOOD!

See what I meant? At first he hated it. You can see here that the shirt reaches his ankles, and when standing still it dragged the ground.
Sleeves longer than his hands.
He wasn't so excited about the long sleeves.
It swallowed him. This one is just so cute to me!
"Mom, seriously..."
Finally a smile! How precious is my little boy!
From 8:00 - 8:45 little man begged to go to school. He was SO excited!

There was no getting him to hold this sign, so Mommy got to hop in the pictures, too.
We went in to meet his teachers {who I knew already and they are just the sweetest!} and play in the classroom before I had orientation at 9:30. Linc did so great. He played with cars and trains and tractors. He played by himself but made sure I was close by. The only time he cried was when I walked out, so I'm hoping and praying that Wednesday he does okay with me leaving him. Orientation was 30 minutes and then I got to go pick him up at 10. A short day, but it was good for him to go and get excited.

This is Lincoln's hook outside his classroom door. Linc LOVES the frog. The principal who is a family friend of ours said that they're going to take pictures of the kids and put it above their names. How cute is that!

Leaving school. All the kids were taking pictures with their cute bags and the cute sign and Linc just liked the balloons.
This is the best I could do.

After school we went to see Papa and Geesh and tell them about his big day. Then we had lunch at The Loop together. Then we went downtown and played and ran around.

Hiding downtown.
Excuse me. He looks grown here. It's not okay.
So we had a wonderful day! And tomorrow is Linc's first full day of school! I'm sure he will do great! He seems so happy in his class and I can't wait to enjoy this school year with my big boy!
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  1. Oh my gosh, he is absolutely adorable! And I love that idea of watching them grow into a shirt - super cute. What a happy/proud mama you are, and what a fun time for him :)

    1. Thank you! I love the idea, too.. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least one picture of him standing still at the end of the year! I am a very proud and happy Momma!