Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let's Change Things Up!

So I'm going to admit that I am terrible at posting what's going on day to day here at the Fussell home. Seriously. And sitting here in bed going through pictures on my phone I realized there are a lot of things I have to share with y'all! The first of such would be the fact that we have done a lot of stuff to our home in the past few weeks! We have installed new shower heads in two of the three showers, put wood flooring in mine and Linc's rooms, I have taken the desk out of my room and put in a shelf instead, put molding around our front window, painted a hallway, my parents room and bathroom, painted Lincoln's bathroom and someone is in the process of fixing my closet doors. I only really took pictures of a few of those things, though.

These are a few of the pictures I got from changing mine and Linc's carpet to the wood flooring and painting his bathroom orange, and I do mean {incredibly bright} orange! Enjoy!

Lincoln helped me pick up a few things at Lowe's and my was he excited to ride in this buggy!


The first two pictures are after the carpet was ripped up and the bare cement is showing, the third is all done. It looks so good! {And I'm sure Linc's allergies will be doing a lot better without that awful carpet!}


For my room we didn't actually take out the linoleum floors, just the carpet. We ended up laying the flooring over the linoleum. The second picture is what I put in my room once I took out the desk. The third picture is where I ended up putting my dresser and you can also see the floors.

I told you it was orange! In the first picture you can see the old color and how bright of an orange I picked out for the new color and the second is my newest decoration. I love it. I think it describes Lincoln and I incredibly well.

If you haven't seen part one of '100 things' click here, and be looking out for part two which I will probably post Monday morning! AND it's Thankful Thursday here on the blog tomorrow so be looking for that tomorrow morning! I'm also working on a few things to catch you up on what Lincoln and I have been up to, lately! Have an amazing weekend!

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