Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's About Time

Can I just admit something right now? I am NOT good with technology. Seems ironic that I can write a blog and yet, at the same time, be awful with technology. I am one of those people who has to Google everything under the sun to figure out what the heck I'm doing when it comes to this thing.

Therefore, I have been posting on Facebook each time I post on the blog and honestly, I'd like to stop doing that almost every day. So I finally figure out how you can follow my blog and get updates when I post if you actually enjoy coming here to read all the jumbled up thoughts that come out of my mind.

There are two ways you can follow me now. Yay!

On the right side, underneath my picture and about me is something that says "Followers", and you click 'Join This Site'. There are three options and they are 'Join with Google, Twitter, or Yahoo.' I have been told the Twitter one doesn't work but the Google and Yahoo do! So if you don't have Google or Yahoo then the next option is your best bet.

The other way to follow me is right below that first option. It says 'Follow by Email'. All you have to do is type in your email and each time I have a new post you'll get an update on your email with a link that will send you straight to the blog.

So get to following, people! Only joking.. Kind of. This way I will be able to post less on Facebook and the people who really like to read the blog will still be notified when I post! Have an amazing night!

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