Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boy Clothes

Hi, friends! Last week I did a post about some of my favorites clothes/accessories which you can see here. I thought I'd do a post now about how I dress Lincoln, where I shop for him, and how far in advance I buy his clothes.

I told y'all in the post about my clothes that I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes, and Lincoln's clothes are no exception. A lot of his clothes I buy at Once Upon a Child which is a store that buys and sells gently used clothing. Their clothes are inexpensive {I buy most shirts for less than $5 and most pants for less than $10}, they never have stains or tears in them, and they never look worn out at all. As far as new clothing goes, I like to shop at Old Navy, Gymboree, Target, Children's Place, Carter's, and Kohl's. I very well may have forgotten somewhere but you get the picture. We shop everywhere.

I buy the bulk of Lincoln's clothes far in advance. For example, right now he has a tub of 3T clothing and a tub of 4T clothing in his closet. He is in 2T clothing right now and he's hit the age where he doesn't grow as fast. When I can find clothes on sale that are a size or two up, I buy them. My mom taught me to do that. The reasoning behind that is that in a year he's going to need 3T and if I wait till the last minute when he NEEDS the new size right now, I'm more likely to pay more money for the clothing. Most of his shirts I pay between $5-$10 because I buy them on sale. Pants I generally don't buy ahead of time because I never know what size he will be in.

Pajamas I always buy early. My thinking is, even if it happens to be big, he's at home. I can always roll pants and sleeves up if I need to.

Another reason to buy cheaper clothes is because he grows out of them fast, and oftentimes they get stained. He's two. Accidents are going to happen, messes are going to happen, and he'll be in the next size before I know it.

So without further ado, Lincoln's closet...

I bought this sweatshirt from Target. It's pretty light which is good because Fernandina doesn't have a whole lot of incredibly cold days. And of course, it's baseball which makes it 10x cuter.
I bought these jeans from Target in 3T to try for Linc this Winter. If they happen to not fit him this year, he can always wear them next year. {He usually wears jeans with elastic.}
Linc may or may not own 37 plain colored tshirts. They go with shorts in the Summer, jeans and a sweatshirt in the Winter. They're easy to wear and easy to get stains out of. Lincoln also wears them with his bathing suit when we go to the pool and the beach. I'm not going to bore you and post a picture of a long sleeve shirt but Target has a great thermal one here, that I just bought in blue for Lincoln for the Winter. 
I've told y'all all about my love for stripes. This shirt is perfect for casual and then can be paired with nicer shorts or jeans for church on Sunday's. Lincoln owns more striped shirts than he owns plain colored, which is saying a lot.
Graphic tee's like this are common in Linc's wardrobe. And obviously baseball is a reoccuring theme, too! This shirt, this shirt, and this Mommy shirt are all good options, too. We love baseball and Mommy shirts!
As far as shoes go, Lincoln has to wear an extra wide shoe so we only buy shoes online and we only buy New Balance. New Balances never fail as an extra wide shoe. They're super cute, last a long time, aren't too expensive, and they fit good. Because he has to wear an XW, I pay more for shoes. I can't buy them in stores other than Stride Rite, so I buy them online. Lincoln, at all times, has three pairs of shoes. One newer tennis shoe that he wears for occassions when I know they won't get as dirty - church, dinner, running errands. He also has a pair of tennis shoes for playing outside and school that I don't mind if they get dirty because they're older and worn out. When the play shoes get worn out and dirty, the other tennis shoes become the play shoes, and I buy him a new pair of nice tennis shoes. That also allows me to have a backup pair in case one gets ruined spur of the moment. I have to specifically order his shoes, so I can't just run to Target and pick out another pair. Then he has a pair of shoes for the pool or for when I'm lazy and don't want to find matching shoes. We call them his 'Shark shoes' and you'll see why..
These are Lincoln's nice shoes right now. He hasn't worn them much yet, but in a few months they will become his play shoes.
These are Linc's play shoes right now. I like shoes a lot better with velcro, mainly because I don't have to retie his shoes 68 times a day.
These are Lincoln's 'Shark shoes'. He loves them and they're quick to get on. He has definitely gotten our money's worth out of these this Summer, and still wears them now.
So that's about it for Lincoln's clothes! Be sure to go follow me either by email, Google or Yahoo, or with Bloglovin to stay updated when I post! You can leave comments or email me at! Have an amazing day!

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