Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Printable

Hi, friends! Today I'm going to show you something I found on a blog I love to read, here. This was not my idea, nor did I make it. All credit goes to Mel from 'The Larson Lingo'. She is so creative and wonderful!

Can I just say that I fell in love with this quickly?! You send the list to school with your child's teacher and they send it back filled out. It helps with any possible gifts you may give the teacher over the course of the year. Now I'm new to this whole school thing this year, so I hadn't even begun to think of anything like this. So thank you, Mel, for making this adorable list!

Directions: click the link below to get to the actual printable page. The link will send you to the direct post. For some reason the directions on her page wouldn't work for me {I probably just followed them wrong} so if they don't work for you, this is what I did.. I ended up -instead of saving the picture- copying it and pasting it into a Word document and then printing it from there.

I hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful Wednesday!

The Larson Lingo: Back to School Printable

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