Tuesday, August 20, 2013

100 Things! {Part Four}

Hi there, friend! I have finally made it to my fourth and final post of these 100 things and let me tell you, this was hard! But kind of fun, too!

76. I have watched countless sappy/sad movies and I don't cry. But Heaven knows when Stitch {From Lilo and Stitch} starts talking about his family I start tearing up. Embarrassing, I know.

77. I have awful handwriting. I also hold my pencil weird.

78. Patience is not my virtue. I need to work on that.

79. It drives me nuts when people talk ignorantly. I like correct grammar and spelling.

80. My favorite candles are fall scented candles. I have one burning right now.

81. I've always wanted to be able to do calligraphy. I just got this crazy idea the other night {the night I didn't sleep AT ALL} to try to teach myself so I bought a calligraphy starter set. I'm not sure why I've been so in awe of calligraphy, but I guess I won't know if I can do it or not until I try! It will be here Thursday, and I am just so excited.

82. I got asked the other day when I find time to write for the blog. I do all of my writing at night while Lincoln's asleep or when he's at school.

83. The past two nights Lincoln has fallen asleep holding my hand and my word, I've never seen anything so precious.

84. I've only seen snow once but I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

85. I love having fires in our fireplace. I pray that where Linc and I live one day will have a fireplace, also.

86. I'm tired all the time. And I do mean ALL the time.

87. I don't remember the last time I hung out with someone where I didn't have Lincoln. I do nothing, ever. I'm not exaggerating. But when someone offers to watch Lincoln so I can go do something, I don't.

88. I really enjoy doing mom things. Things like making things for the first day of school, planning craft days, and let me just tell you, I am just thrilled about the thought of making cupcakes for Lincoln's birthday at school!

89. I have a bad habit of lying my phone down and not remembering where I put it. I also have a bad habit of reading someones text and then never responding. I either respond three seconds later or three days later, there is no in between.  

90. I refuse to spend a large amount of money on something I won't use/wear very often.

91. I have OCD about certain things. My closet is incredibly organized but my car is almost never clean.

92. I get incredibly nervous before I have to speak in class. It doesn't matter if there or three people or 20, I'm going to panic.

93. I am getting so incredibly excited about fall. My candles are out, my boots are ready to be worn, and I have a whole lot of scarves that I've been missing these past six months!

94. There is no possible way for me to get a tan. I'm either really white or red as a tomato, there is no in between. I'm learning to accept it.

95. I love having a planner. I get giddy just thinking about it. {My new one will be here TODAY!}

96. I'd rather have a cookie cake for my birthday than a regular cake. When I was in high school my sweet friend, Mackenzie {She is such a blessing!}, made me a cookie cake every year and we had a party the last half of class. No one else had parties for their birthdays, so I'm not exactly sure how this was acceptable.

97. I love Christmas movies. And I begin watching them in September. And I can quote them by heart. I should just say I love all things involving Christmas. I'm a fanatic. God bless the man who marries me.

98. I would love to learn sign language. I picked up a lot when I babysat for the sweetest deaf family, but then they moved to Texas {Kelley's, I miss y'all!} and I forgot most of it.

99. I use the word y'all a lot.

100. This last post took me days to do. Seriously. The first two posts were somewhat easy, the third pretty difficult, but this one kicked my butt. And now I am DONE!

Brownie points for those of you who read all four parts! You are awesome! I have been bombarding Facebook every time I have a new post and in the next couple months I'd like to stop that, so if you enjoy reading please go follow me. This way you'll still get updates of when I post!

If you need a laugh, click here. If you want to help stay focus on what's important in your parenting click here. And if you're a female, any female, you need to click here! In the next week or two I will have up Lincoln's first week of school, a fashion post, a lesson on judgement, and more. Hope you have an amazing and incredibly blessed Tuesday!

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