Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Month Down!

I have finished my first month of nursing school!!!! Can you believe it?! It's okay, I can't either! ;) Okay, this really may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me because now I am one month closer to graduating! This month has flown by, really. Technically I'm posting this a couple days early but I figured I would while I had a little extra time. In a little over six weeks I will be done with my first semester, which is just crazy. God has been blessing me and I honestly feel so at peace and so in His will.

Nursing school is overwhelming. The first week I literally came home everyday with a headache. I am starting to settle into a routine now though and it seems to be working. I'm definitely learning priorities and learning what needs to be done immediately. I'm exhausted all the time and I rarely sleep enough, but I guess that was the case before I started school anyways. (I'm learning to live off of coffee). I really like all my teachers and I seem to be doing pretty well in all my classes. I can already tell pharmacology is going to be the class that I have to work the hardest at and I have a test for that class on Monday so I'll be spending from now to Monday drilling it into my head.

A week from tomorrow is my techniques simulation and I would appreciate it if you would say a prayer (or two.. or three) for me this week as I'm preparing and next week as I do it. If we don't pass the first time we get another try but if we fail both then we fail the class. There is a lot riding on this simulation, to put it lightly.

I am with the same people in every class and God has blessed me tremendously with the people He has put in my section. Everyone is incredibly nice and incredibly helpful. He also brought me a friend who is a Christian and a mom so all day long we talk about Jesus and our children (what could be better, right?!). She is also my partner for the two classes we have to do skills in which is awesome.

If you read my Facebook at all you have probably seen me post statuses about my titers (lab work) for clinicals. If you don't have your titers in then you can't do clinicals in the hospital which is also a reason for failure. At this point I have been back and forth with the nursing office about my titers and so I'm working on getting that resolved. If you could be praying for me in that situation, too, I'd appreciate it!

But for the most part school is going great! God has been so faithful to bring me here and to be helping me through it! It's not easy, but I know because I've been called to this program, God will help me finish it. And in 14 months, I will be a college graduate and a nurse!

So many books..
Practicing injections.. (Yes, on bread!)
First day of school!

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