Friday, June 7, 2013

Days 12 - 21!

Y'all, this is pitiful. I'm awful at this whole picture of the day thing. I take pictures every day, I just never remember to put them up. So while I can't sleep tonight I'm attempting to catch up. I have a feeling this will happen a lot throughout this year. My bad! Enjoy a ton of pictures at once!

Day 12
May 28th, 2013
Today we went to the zoo with Uncle Pearce and had a great time! Lincoln absolutely loves Uncle Pearce so it was awesome that he could go with us! MoMo says she calls the next zoo trip!
Day 13
May 29th, 2013
I'm loved by the King of creation. He gave a gift no one else could afford. Does that really need an explanation?
Day 14
May 30, 2013
Tonight I organized my binders for school and made these SUPER cute FREE printables. They're also incredibly easy to make and don't much time at all. (That's a lot coming from someone who is awful with technology.. ME)! If you want to make one click here!
Day 15
May 31, 2013
Today Lincoln wanted to jump on the trampoline a lot. And when he jumps on the trampoline he also wants me on it. Lately he's been wanting to get on it more because he's learned how to actually jump with both feet! I asked him to come take a picture with me so he jumps over, puts his arm around me, and smiles. HOW. PRECIOUS.
One word: SASSY. I've taught him well!
Day 16
June 1, 2013
Bear with me.. I have a lot for today! (I really couldn't choose just one.. or two.. or three)!
We started our day off with haircuts for both of us. Let me brag for a moment. Lincoln did GREAT. I was so proud! Not a single tear!
Here we are with our new haircuts! This is very possibly my newest favorite picture of us!
I have been incredibly careful with my money since I quit my job to start nursing school. So when a new boutique in Yulee opened called "Gone Gorgeous" (that basically sells chevron and mint everything) I knew I shouldn't even go in. My sister has noticed I hardly buy anything anymore and bought me these! (They're pink and sparkly, how could I not love them?!!?) I was seriously so excited! Thanks amazing sister! And if you want to see what I'm talking about and how amazing this place is click here.
Today we went shopping and I got this dress for $13 at Burlington! One - it's adorable. Two - I can wear it a lot. I am all about a good deal!
Day 17
June 2, 2013
  Sometimes when Lincoln is being cute (which is all the time, right?) I go overboard on pictures.. This is one of those times!
Day 18
June 3, 2013
Couldn't someone have told me my hair was entirely too long?!?!Today I got an email asking me to buy my graduation pictures. We actually realized that in the craziness of me having a newborn and trying to finish high school and graduate, we never bought graduation pictures. This picture brought back so many memories. God's grace was the reason I graduated that day. I am forever thankful. 
Mondays are family frozen yogurt night and on the way out of Yobe we got caught in a downpour. Lincoln LOVED every minute of running through the rain and laughing, so much so that I had to make him come inside. He'd rather just play in the rain. Reminded me to live in the moment, and enjoy the little things.
Day 19
June 4, 2013
My stud.
In two weeks I have a skills test that I have to pass to do clinicals in the hospital. Today I stayed late with a friend to practice and then went home and practiced shots.. on bread. Remembering Phillipians 4:13 as I prepare for this huge test!
Day 20
June 5, 2013
Okay I lied earlier. This picture is also another one of my new favorites of us. So now I have two. Today when I got home from school Lincoln's face lit up, and he ran over and gave me a huge hug without me even saying anything first. He has been so sweet and lovey lately, and I am completely loving it! I just can't get over that smile. It makes my heart so happy!
Day 21
June 6, 2013
Today we stayed inside all day because of the awful weather.. Here is MoMo, Lincoln, and Chance watching The Lorax. (Super cute movie, by the way!)
I'm all caught up! Yay! So now let's wait for the next couple days that I get behind again ;) Thanks for reading!

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