Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bike ride & the beach

Today I got out of class early (such a rarity) so I came home to be with Linc. I have been dying to take him for a bike ride ever since I was pregnant with him, so much so that for my first Christmas with him I wanted my bike fixed and a seat for him (which I got, thanks Mom & Dad!). The only problem was he has never liked it.. ever. Every time I got him near the bike or in his seat he'd start crying. I always figured it would be good exercise for me and fun for him and apparently he didn't agree. So imagine my excitement this past weekend when he said, "Momma, bike ride?" I was thrilled. So I got everything ready to go and realize there isn't any air in the tires. Then I realize the thing that pumps up the tires is in my dad's car. So we drive to my dad's office and get it out of his car and almost as soon as we drive away I look in the backseat and Linc is asleep. Needless to say, we didn't get to go for a bike ride that day. So today we finally got to go for a bike ride! And it was wonderful and Lincoln loved it! Yay! So we loaded up Buzz, fruit loops, and juice and headed out!

When we got back we had dinner and then went to the beach where we fed birds in the parking lot and then played in the water, despite the fact that neither of us had on bathing suits.. (Hey, it was a spur of the moment decision). But it was fun and I have a really mess car now.
This is obviously before we got in the water.
And I have a super cute picture of Linc man all sandy when we got home but for some reason blogger doesn't want to upload it! So that's it for now! I'm pretty blessed to call this sweet child mine!

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